The folder of webcam fun…..

While searching for a document on my computer the other day I came across a folder containing loads of pictures of Leah and her sisters. There they were, performing in front of the webcam and clearly loving every minute. There are some shots of Leah were she had the camera to herself all of which I found very entertaining. The say a picture paints a thousand words, I think these pictures captures their personalities perfectly, full of fun and always ready for a laugh. Thought I would share a few…….THERE ARE LOADS, it was hard to choose hahaha


raising leah

2013-04-02 20-49-00.926

2013-04-02 20-50-40.571

2013-04-02 20-49-04.197

2012-08-05 14-31-40.871

2013-01-07 13-00-52.422

2013-04-02 20-48-46.163


Looks that melt my heart :)

Not much  new news  in the Kay household right now……………..but there is some exciting news ahead but for now I’m going to keep a HUSH on that news lol.

I thought  would post these two pictures of Leah, she has such an amazing sense of humour in these pictures Leah will demonstrate her extraordinary ability to go from

Super Model pout to..

I’m locked up in prison please help me sadness look  hahahah just had to share them:)

The Pacifier Predicament!

Leah, little girl with a big heart, determined, funny, caring and a born hugger!!!!!!! Master of the disappearing act, amazing climber, and fast like lightning, skilled sad face gets me out of trouble artist and sharp vocabulary.

I could go on but I think this covers most characteristics that makes her absolutely super special!!!!!

So take all the above ingredients… mix them up add some time (3years and 10months to be exact) and you get a very energetic, enthusiastic almost4-year-old little girl. Yeap Leah is going to be 4 years old pretty soon. I’m not sure if Leah is aware of what’s to come as this millstone is the start of a whole new life phase, its the I’m not a “baby/ toddler” time, it’s the “I’m growing up mommy you need to let go of the baby time” Yes friends its time for “Prep School”. I must admit I’m struggling to let go but what can I do “I’m a mom”

So here is the challenge at hand, my first 2 daughters were not pacifier babies but Leah is. The pacifier is the heart beat of comfort for Leah, we cant leave the house without it and we often have to form a search party when the pacifier has been misplaced, the kids do the lower on the ground level while Dad and I do the higher “throw it up in the sky” areas. I have done the whole “Fairy needs the dummy for the little baby story” Her answer to this was “ Tell the fairy she can get them at the store were you bought mine” (I had no comeback reply for that answer)

Lately we noticed that Leah has actually become a little embarrassed to be seen in public with her Pacifier, she will hide it in her bag when we go grocery shopping and she will hide it when friend come over to visit. Recently Leah left her pacifier on the floor only have Lucy our dog decided to chew the teat off, this as you can imagine cause huge drama and in typical drama queen style Leah’s reaction to the chewed up pacifier resulted in her falling to her knees saying “ WHY LUCY WHY” with Lucy just glaring back looking very confused .As Dad reached for the car keys to go out to the store to get a new pacifier I said “NO that’s it!!!!!!  LEAH KAY… Mommy has told you before DO NOT leave your pacifier on the floor and now Lucy has chewed it!! I’m sorry Leah ….now you need to be without it”

“I DON’T LIKE YOU ANYMORE” she screamed and I said “well then I don’t like you anymore” then Leah’s classic comeback  “WHATEVER idiot” the idiot part was done in a whispered tone. I walked out the house and erupted into a fit of laughter!!!!!!! My neighbor actually thought I was crying cause I laughed so loud but when I relayed the story she too was in stitches!!!!!

I am proud to say we have now been Pacifier free for 4 days and its actually been stress free, she does ask for it but that’s as for as it goes so hey “all’s well that ends well” okay maybe not………………. She has now discovered her thumb and this is were I need your help

LP moms and dads its not like Lucy can nibble on her thumb… how do I deal with this one …….anyone out there dealt with a thumb sucker before?

A quick update…

It’s been quiet on the home front and this has left the blog without new news but I had to do a update so here goes. We are all doing well Leah has been moving along full speed her progress seems to be satisfactory, her vocabulary is outstanding and after a occupational therapy assessment we were informed by a very surprised OT that in her 18 years of doing therapy she has never come across a 3year old with such good memory, Leah’s counting and recognition skill and identifying color skills is above average… so I guess I might be changing the blog title to “Raising professor Leah” LOL. But seriously just like any other child out there Leah is a bright little spirit filled with life and she is only three years old so I don’t plan on force-feeding her any encyclopedia information  , she is a very observant toddler who learns as she goes along and most of what she knows is definitely due to having 2 older sisters who “chitter chatter” from sunrise to sunset and lets not forget to thank  Barney …… our purple friend for his repetitive number and color songs . I’m sure lots of parents will agree with me when I say Barney has a way of seeping into the “subconscious mind”

I have noticed that Leah’s memory is somewhat like the saying “Having the memory of an elephant” so I understand the therapist being somewhat surprised with her memory recall ability. A funny thing happened the other day, Leah was in a really bad mood and Grandma told her “If you’re angry that’s fine with me I just won’t talk to you” Leah responded “That’s fine…. Talk to my Lawyer” I nearly choked on my coffee with laughter and once the laughter settled I realized that she had taken that quote from a television add promoting legal aid. Sometimes when we driving she spots certain familiar buildings and she is able to tell us were we going. She has the ability to recall names of people she has only met once before, and when we pray, she always asks to pray for Danielle and Dadda in heaven and she always reassures me that I don’t have to cry anymore because she can remember my tears when my Grandfather passed away.  She remembers where to find things she packed away days before and there are times she will ask me what I did with the left over macaroni and cheeses we had a week ago, she can tell dad were he left his car keys if he cant remember were he had placed them and one thing she knows for sure is if someone has moved her sweets because she knows exactly which way she places the packet in the cupboard, so we have to make sure her treats are in the same place, facing the same direction as she last placed them!! Or needless to say there will be trouble…. as she will hunt down the guilty party for touching her sweeties  🙂

The more I think of these special qualities the more I know for sure that she is Heaven sent. And I take comfort in the fact that her assertive nature is going to be to her advantage one day, she knows who she is and she never backs down, if she sets her mind to something she is determine to finish it.

On the Dwarfism awareness front, things are moving along steadily, I recently did a live radio interview about the blog and public awareness I am currently busy with a leading child magazine doing a article on Dwarfism Awareness and I have been receiving quite a bit of positive feedback from the public so I guess the word is getting out there, and I will keep pushing, and pushing… so it seems Leah does get some of her determination from her mommy after all 🙂

The Things Toddlers do….

The festive season is upon us once again!!!!!! Yes time sure does fly when one is having fun. Speaking of fun we have been having tons of fun. Leah is now a full-blown toddler, and doing all the “naughty” things that toddlers do. ( I’m sure she does some more naughty things that the average toddler) I feel quite silly sometimes because after all, I am a mom of three kids…. I should know what to expect when dealing with a toddler, but im not going to lie about it, I feel like a first time mum with Leah, in fact I felt this way with Nicole as well, Simone on the other hand was my first 🙂

I believe a mother’s brain has an automatic “memory clear” button which erases all the memories of the terrible toddler stages we have lived through. This memory loss is important because it enables us to have more kids, it is only when we are back in the toddler phase that able to recall some of the lost data… but sometimes it is slightly different than before… I think the more kids you have the more they evolve…. They become more active and daring in their toddler activities.

Leah is definitely my biggest challenge so far (thank goodness the memory clear did not have time to activate after Leah’s birth and I had the factory permanently shut down) Leah has no fear, she is an amazing climber an im sure she could put some monkeys to shame with her skills.Be it a table or chair, even the outside gate is no challenge for Leah, if she gets the right grip its up she goes…. We have not yet mastered the how “to get down” part but she knows I am nothing more that a scream away and we have successfully completed many rescue missions where we safely returned Leah to mother earth after an attempted  “Leah climb to the moon” moment. (That is what Leah would say while she is climbing the safety gate at grandma’s house)

Running is another loved activity, I’m sure most LP moms will agree, speed will never be a issue for our children and Leah can do zero to a hundred in about a split second!!!! 🙂   Only thing is the faster she goes the more she leans forward and it always ends up with a fall involving a tummy splat or a forehead boo-boo. I do hope that as she gains more understanding of her body proportions she will learn to take things slowly, but for know I run as well… and there are times (im not ashamed to admit) I just cant catch her. We are amazed at how she handles the corners at top speed. Daddy says she must have a built in stabilizer and she must be fitted with power steering and ABS breaks to allow for fast action stopping when Mommy yells “NO RUNNING IN THE HOUSE”

Last but not least…. The toddler vocabulary, Leah has jumped ahead and is tipping in at adult conversation category. We really enjoy chatting, she is so expressive during a conversation and every word is were it should be in a sentence. She can be very demanding and often feels the need to say “Why you so slow… I’m hungry” while I prepare her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We do have our giggles when she calls her sisters “silly girls” because  they sometimes put her out their bedroom as she tends to disrupt their “Big girl” talks. Every night before bed Leah will give each family member a hug and a  kiss followed by a  “Leah loves you soooooo much” whisper in the ear. My good night ritual usually gets followed with a “Mommy find my dummy”(pacifier) because as grown up as Leah may seem she dose not see the necessity to part ways with her pacifier just yet and I don’t mind at all, …  after all when it come to my girls they will always be my babies…..