When will I be “BIG”

Leah has become aware of the fact that she looks different, I often here her say I want new arms or why can’t I reach but she can, it’s difficult for me because I often find myself saying “Leah you are Special” and I know from the look on her face that the “Your Special” thing is  becoming a bit monotonous  . People tend to assume that she does not really understand her condition because she is only 4 years old, but I know this is not true and she is becoming increasingly aware of her difference.

I guess I knew this time would come and I am fully aware that this is only the beginning , when she meets other kids she will always ask “How old are you”  and low and behold if they say that they are 4 years old she asks “Why are you so big ( tall)”  The worst for her (and me) is when she tells other kids that she is 4 years old they run off and say  “No way you’re still a baby” this gets her into a rage of astronomical proportions and it usually turns into a screaming  situation of  “ IM NOT A BABY STUPID!!!”  Or this one “OH FOR GOODNESS SAKE IM NOT A BABY YOU RUDE IDIOT” and that thanks to the vocabulary building skills of Leah’s older sister.

The worst of me is to see the utter frustration of this perfectly capable 4 year old trying to explain that she is just small and she can play just as well if not better than the other kids. Recently she asked her dad “when will I be big (pointing to the sky)” and all dad could do was pick her up and say one day you will be grown up …just not “big” and to our surprise she said “No I want to be big” as she was not interested in the maturity aspect of growing up she wanted to know about her height.

I really thought that I would be prepared and ready to answer any questions, but I don’t know if I am. I feel so sad when kids call her a baby, I feel sad because I see how angry this makes her. But on the upside once they give her a chance, they realise that she is just short and all is forgotten. But what gets to me the most is that it seems she  may have to prove her worth in every new situation, and it’s so unfair that a simple difference warrants you to the test of worthiness before acceptance.

It’s sad that even in the world of children for some, the bad habits of ignorance is instilled, and it seems it’s the BIG people who don’t seem the weed out this prejudgment of difference.  If you took the time to teach your child about not seeing disabilities as an obstacle imagine the difference it would make, after all we are our children’s greatest teacher and most of what they know comes from you.

Sydney Lee Williams

From Craig & Lauren..
It is with great Sadness that we announce the passing of Sydney Lee Williams this morning.
We would like to thank everyone for their prayers and support and wish to ask for privacy during this time.
Sydney has been called home Hallelujah all Praise and glory be to God.

This is to a very special little girl who’s short life touch the hearts of many around the world.

Such a bubbly, energetic and  fun loving child.

You will be missed by many, the joys and pleasures your presence has brought into our lives.

God knew when your were born that you were destined for a special purpose.

Craig and Lauren should be proud that God has chosen you, Sydney, to bring us all together is his name .

You will be remembered always.

God please bless Craig and Lauren and help them get through this tragedy and give them the strength they will need.


By : Morne Lategan

Prayers for Sydney Lee Williams

18-month-old-baby Sydney Lee Williams   is in critical condition after she nearly drowned in her family swimming pool, we know that people should be aware of pool safety  but these things happen … but right now, more than anything little Sydney needs your prayers as she fights for her life in Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town.

Today I call on my blog readers to please keep this precious little girl as well as  her mom and dad in your prayers. Let’s pray for Gods comfort and healing to be with them during this time of need.

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