Just Because….

Thought I would share this picture with everyone………..  she is such and amazing child and its amazing how much  happy energy she has,  people are just drawn to her because she is such a happy little soul……. Its just amazing how life is, its an ever learning journy and I never thought I would learn as much as did through Leah.

A week full of accomplishments

It has been a very busy wee for Leah, she has been up to lots of her usual activities but she has decided to add a few new things to the list, Leah’s vocabulary is growing by the day …..so far we have a crystal clear “HELLO” we have ” OUTSIDE, DADDY, BABY, TEA, KEY, NIGHT and NO.

The two big accomplishments for me has to be the following, Leah hates her feeding cup, and she has for the past 5 months refuse to develop a relationship with the cup!!!! but i tried one more time this past week and much to my joy the little bug figured it out and is now a proud sippy cup drinker.

But the biggist accomplishment has to be Leah being able to climb up the sofa all by herself!!!!!!!!!! And it seems to me that Leah is almost a “big girl”

Hmmm lets see…………

Its not so bad once you know how it all works…..

Lets see if i can climb up

Almost there just need to lift my leg a bit more


Yeah i did it poor mom she has to watch me like a hawk from now on, who knows what i might do next!!

Actually right after mom took these pictures she took me outside I decided to eat a worm!!!!!!!!!!!


Who need Roses give me a Sunflower to light my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A little birdie told me that I ruffled a few feathers with my “Girls will be Girls” post…… reading between the lines I was basically seen by a few closed minded people as being an insensitive parent who obviously has a problem ,because I was poking fun at my dwarf child.

I went through a few emotions about what was assumed…… first I thought nothing of what these few had to say then I thought “Wait a minute, WHO do these people think they are and what gives then the right to JUDGE me!!!! SO ……..to whoever you may be, I have read your comments now it’s my turn to have a say!!!!

I’m not going to explain why I wrote that story , because I don’t feel the need to justify myself to anybody but I will say this…….

  • As a parent of a little person I have learnt not to Judge You on the other hand have not!!!
  • as a parent of a little person I have learnt not to assume things off the cuff because assumption is the mother of a stuff ups
  • I will not allow my child to conform to certain ways of society …..because society has to many hang ups on what is considered to be Normal and Abnormal!
  • I’m so happy my Little girl can Identify with a doll that looks like her and not have to grow up thinking that she has to be perfectly proportioned so she will be accepted and loved by other AH people
  • And most importantly, if you cannot accept and love yourself how can you accept and love others?

In my family the most important value I teach my girls is to Love yourself for who you are and our differences on the outside whether it maybe a large head, funny toes, or a tummy roll… is what makes you unique and special. It would be a very dull world if we all looked the same. Someone very close to me made the most beautiful statement a few months ago she said “what would the world be like if all we had was roses? Very boring I love sunflowers and Leah is my sunflower she is actually our sunflower special, unique and different from the rest”

Where it all started Bratz Babyz

bartz baby

We went on to find that Strawberry shortcake also carried a strong resemblance …..

Strawberry shortcake

Leah just loves her little dolls

they kind of look like me!!

As you can see!!!!!!!!!!!

my little doll

Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!!!

Its mothers day, a day were our families take time out to show mom just how much they appreciate her and love her……….. I think that mothers are amazing they are the heart soul and spirit of their family.

Today I thought it would be appropriate to wish all the moms of little people especially, the blog moms I have met over the past few months. I think that we have accomplished so much and we have become such an amazing support to oneanother. We have shared happiness and we have shared pain and loss, only this time ,it was different for us because we are mums of special kids, the happiness in each of our achievements really made our hearts burst with pride and the sadness and pain of loss made us bond together and appreciate our little ones even more…. we have learned so much from each other and most importantly we have become special friends.

So today I wish you a very special mothers day and leave you with this

Hello Winter My Old Friend

It seem like winter has arrived in the Souther Hemisphere…… so while all my Northern Hemisphere buddies prepare for Summer vacation and beach trips, we are unpacking the winter warmers (hoping that they still fit and have not shrunk during their summer hibernation)…. I myself am a summer baby and winter does not really go down so great with me……. sometimes I think its great how bears get to sleep through the winter and I always said if I believed in reincarnation I would love to come back as a bear.

We took some pictures on one of our last sunny days, and the day after these pictures were taken, the heavens opened, we had winds blowing at 60knots and the blue sky has been Grey ever since. At least there is one positive thing about winter that I do like, I get to cuddle with Leah (and hubby) under the fluffy warm blankets and I would not trade that for anthing in the world….. not even a Sunny Summer Day.


And the next day………………………..