Hey where did Spring go????

Its the 1st of September!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we southern hemisphere people usually celebrate Spring Day, its wonderful the sun is out the birds are about, the butterfly’s the new blossoms,

let me give you a taste

Unfortunately, things were not meant to be that way this year, I think Spring decided to sleep in because this is what nature had planned for us ………… Clearly winter is not done with us because Cape Town had a little bit of a hurricane this past weekend, very uncommon for this part of the world, and instead of staying indoors we decided to take in as much of the mother nature as we could….. and oh dear she was angry.

Usually this is Sea Point on a good day

And this is Sea Point on a BAD day…..

Oh my, I’m not doing to well with this stormy stuff…… you know………. being a spring/summer baby myself…. think I’m gonna stay in my warm blanket at bit longer!!!!