The terrible two’s

I have been through the terrible twos before; in fact this will be my third encounter with this dreaded phase of growing up!!! Simone was a very easy toddler she pretty much went about doing her thing and never really got herself into any “dangerous” situations, the same applies to Nicole who was the easiest of the three…. Nicole slept 7 hour stretches from the day she was born…. So that should give you some idea of what I mean when I say she was every parents dream baby.

With regards to Leah things are a bit different, Leah finds pleasure in all that is extreme. If I were to baby proof my house we would probably end up with empty padded rooms!!! We are constantly on “high alert”…if she is not screaming her lungs out about how everything is “MINE TOYS’ she would probably be climbing the furniture with the greatest of ease, making steps using teddy bears to create the height needed, sprinkling her apple juice all around the house, diving off the self made steps, spinning around and becoming so drunk that she walks into the furniture (which is so much fun for her and the rest for the girls and you cant help but giggle with them) and the best has to be stripping down to absolutely nothing and opening the curtains to wave at the people passing by in the nude!!!

There are many more “terrible two” stunts but I thought I would just highlight a few for now…. And I find myself terribly exhausted by all this action …so I ask myself am I getting to old for this??? And my mom says there is no time to get old because this phase should end in about 32 years time 🙂

Doctor’s Visit

So today was hospital visit day for Leahs  check up, Leah was clearly not impressed and kept on shouting “Open the door” as a means to escape the check!!! The doctors are very happy with Leahs progress, she walks up and down stairs without support…. but that does depend on the height of the step!!!! so I just had to remind the doctor that her legs are short ( Eeer duh) word count and sentence building is all on track, attempting to dress herself is also a good thing….. does that include walking around in moms shoes???  her head growth is “acceptable” and her growth in general seems to be okay but she has however not had much growth of the humerus….. and she has to return next month because there are some concerns about her knees….. but we have to wait because there are no appointments available until next month… we do however have our MRI scheduled for 20 January.

So today when we walked into the appointment room the receptionist blurted out loud ” Oh my!!! now you can see she is a dwarf… she never look like that before…. she certainty has changed” and I said ” Where is it ?? I also want to see the dwarf” ….by the time we left she (the receptionist ) still had a blank look on her face…. 🙂 And yes I have realized that things are becoming more visual…. thing is ….we don’t see it!!…. we just see Leah 🙂

Standing tall

Standing tall

To all the POLP out there……

Its a new year, and for some of us its the same old, same old to others like us  POLP its time to gear as we take everyday as it comes ( as we always do!!!)

The past year has been really challenging for some of us, and we also spare a thought for the parents who’s precious little ones have passed away.

I  pray that this will be a year of proserity for us, and I pray that God will take us to new hights, its amazing to see how many blogs there are, im sure that we have made a positive impact on others and I know that the awarness will grow!!!!

So I leave you with some pictures of Leah seeing in  “2009” and yes ….she  stayed up till midnight the little party animal!!!



hey not on the new hair cut !!!!