To all the POLP out there……

Its a new year, and for some of us its the same old, same old to others like us  POLP its time to gear as we take everyday as it comes ( as we always do!!!)

The past year has been really challenging for some of us, and we also spare a thought for the parents who’s precious little ones have passed away.

I  pray that this will be a year of proserity for us, and I pray that God will take us to new hights, its amazing to see how many blogs there are, im sure that we have made a positive impact on others and I know that the awarness will grow!!!!

So I leave you with some pictures of Leah seeing in  “2009” and yes ….she  stayed up till midnight the little party animal!!!



hey not on the new hair cut !!!!

4 thoughts on “To all the POLP out there……

  1. What a nice post. And Leah looks so cute in her party pics 🙂 Happy New Year! I hope you all have a great year full of fun, happiness and good health!

  2. Leah is such a beauty! Isn’t it crazy how late our kids can stay up?! I’m glad we were able to meet on the net this year! Happy 2009!!!!

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