Sometimes we have bad days

On a recent visit to our local grocery store we were met with a very unpleasant incident. Leah and I were waiting on dad to finishing paying at the checkout so it was the perfect time to take a stroll down to the flower department to admire all the pretty blooms

Not to far from us stood a family busy picking out some flowers, I noticed them doing the “I’m trying not to stare look” and nudging each other while mumbling under their breath, it s what happened next that unleashed the devil in me.

The mother took out her cell phone and walked up to Leah who has by this stage wondered away from me. She then proceeded to say to her husband “I have to take a picture of this, I have never seen them at this age before”. I then stepped up to her before she could take the picture and in no polite manner told her that I would make sure I broke both her hands if she perused the matter, most of what I said was not pretty at all……

She then looked confused, as if she could not understand why I found her comments rude? She actually said “What’s your problem… I just want to show my friend what midget kids look like”

The look on Leah’s face broke my heart, she went silent not understanding what had just happened she just knew it was bad. I didn’t want to make a fuss about it in fact I didn’t mention the incident  to my husband who was oblivious to what had happened… I wanted to play it down for Leah’s sake. Later that evening she asked me “If i prayed really hard do you think God would change me to look like Nicole and Simone?”. Fighting my tears I reassured her that she was absolutely perfect  just the way she is, I then went on to say we should actually be praying for all the people who are out there stealing oxygen just like that lady in the grocery store, we had a good giggle and as she fell asleep in my arms, I took pleasure in realising that I am so blessed to have her in my life, she was able to brush it off with a giggle while I’m sitting here days later thinking that I should have broken that women’s face!!!

Its true we will have these bad days and encountering this woman has made me understand why some animals eat their young…


Hello November

A few weeks ago we had Leah visit her ENT for her annual ear check, sadly we were informed that Leah has lost 100% hearing in her left ear this is due to the continued ear infections which is a reoccurring problem with Achondroplasia.

Leah did not show any signs of her hearing being a problem and I feel awful because this is something I should never have missed, but yet it is what it is. I’m grateful that this has not impacted her in a huge way, she is just as she always has been, she is doing well at school and communicating with all her friends, so for now things seem fine and Leah is still her usual captivating self.