About Leah

Our daughter Leah was born with a genetic condition called Achondroplasia (dwarfism). I decided to do this blog to share Leah’s incredible energy and zest for life. Ultimately our goal is to make people more aware of this condition and other physical and mental challenges that affect so many people in the world today, and to have people realize that we are all equal and special in different ways.

God Bless

The Kay Family……………

10 thoughts on “About Leah

  1. Hi there, my name is Jaime and I am mom to 3 year old Caitlyn, who also has Achondroplasia. I can across your blog from another LP mom’s page. I would like to add a link to your blog from my page if that’s alright with you. Leah is absolutely adorable. I look forward to hearing from you and chatting some!

  2. hi…my daughter was born also with achondroplasia. it’s been a hard road for the last 15 months (even though some may wonder why)and was only when a close beautiful friend of mine told me about your website and i read about your family, am I now able to find strength to face the world. i thank you for sharing your life, leah and your family. your insight into life with a child with achondroplasia has helped me immensely. leah is soooo beautiful and you truely are a wonderful family. i love her little moves video clip. thank you again for having the strength and courage, that has now passed on to me and no doubt, many other families. thank you and God Bless you all. x

  3. I am new to the achondroplasia community. my daughter, Abby is 5 months old today and she is the only member of my family that has achondroplasia. I have 2 older sons. Your daughter is so beautiful and her looks are very similar to my Abby’s as I am sure they are to many other achondroplasia children. I would love to be in contact with other moms and to see what is in store for us. So far the doctors have said she will not need a shunt and we thank God for that. Thanks for having a site out here for all us newbies. God bless

  4. Hi Charmaine

    It was great meeting you and your husband , we will certainly be there at the next meeting. We are together and a happy family , give Leah a big hug from Martinique, Enjoy your day Nicky and Mark

  5. Hi, my story is quite similar to yours. I too have two older daughters and our third daughter(also hoping for a boy), Valentina was diagnosed with achondroplasia when I was 7 months pregnant. I also live in South Africa (Johannesburg) and would love to meet with you. I decided to join the UK support group and was told about your blog page. Your daughters are stunning! Your stories are really lovely, it is heart warming to know that someone else is experiencing the same as us. My baby is now 10 months old, and is really gorgeous. Her smile lights up the room, as you said, she really does melt hearts where ever we go. I would love to discuss a few things with you, and meet your lovely family.

  6. Hola, saludos desde Costa Rica, no hablo inglés pero me gusta visitar su blog y es de gran ayuda a padres con gente pequeña, en mi familia mi esposo y mis 2 hijos tienen acondroplasia y yo soy de talla promedio,hace unos años formamos la asociación de gente pequeña de Costa Rica y ayudamos a familias y padres de gente pequeña en su crecimiento de esta bendición tan grande que Dios nos dio. Felicidades por su pagina web,siempre leo sus artículos y son de gran ayuda para todos nosotros.Que Dios los bendiga a todos y por esa preciosa niña que les dio.
    karen castillo, san josé, Costa Rica.

    Hello, greetings from Costa Rica, do not speak English but I like to visit your blog and it helps parents with little people in my family, my husband and two children with achondroplasia and I am of average size, some years ago formed the Association of Little People of Costa Rica and help families and parents of little people in their growth of this great blessing that God gave us. Congratulations on your website, always read her articles and are of great help to all nosotros.Que God bless you all and this beautiful girl who gave them.
    Karen Castle, San Jose, Costa Rica.

  7. Leah is just beautiful! Our wee girl Hannah is 7 weeks old and also has Achondroplasia. We found out at our 28 week scan which was a huge shock and took quite a bit to come to terms with but like Leah our Hannah is very healthy and will bring something so special to our family. Our older daughter Mackenzie has just turned 5 and I am sure she will be a very supportive big sister in the coming years. Thank you for sharing your story Leah Wayland New Zealand

  8. Hi my name is Louise! I am the mum to 2 beautiful daughters,Eva is 3 and Sofia is 16months old! We live in scotland. Sofia was diagnosed with achondroplasia at birth, which my husband and I were devastated at! We thought it was the end of the world!! She was a month premature, was taken to HDU and put in an incubator and after 3days developed bacterial meningitis and scepticemia! We didn’t think she was going to survive…..but our little angel pulled through!! We struggled with her condition for the first 6months(in fact we still are now). When she was approx 5months old she had her first chest infection and since then she has had recurrent pnemonias approx every 4weeks resulting in constant hospital admissions!!(As well as another bout of meninigitis) recently following a sleep study we were told she needed to use a CPAP machine each night as her airways close wen she sleeps. (THis has been a struggle because obviously she hates it going on but hey its better than her needing a laproscomy???Each time she had respiratory illnesses her fontanelle bulged and we recently discovered that the meningitis when she was born caused swelliing in her brain resulting in hydrocephalus! Sofia has just had a shunt fitted last week! We got out of hosp on mon but she needed it revised 3day later on thurs as the valve wasn’t working!!!! We have been reassured that as she grows she ll not need the CPAP machine and the shunt won’t cause any problems!! She is fine mentally which is the most important thing!!!! We just feel like our little angel needs a break in life as do her mummy n daddy n big sis!!!! This website has really given me hope that in the future sofia will b ok! Like ur Leah(who is just gorgeous) sofia is beautiful!!!! She lights up every room and despite wat she has been through she always smiles!!!! I am so proud of her!! I love this site and will def keep in touch!! Is there any other way we can keep in touch I’m not very good with technology lol!! X

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