I have been Tagged!!!!!

So Mike ( The Mallinson Adventures) has nominated me for a tag and not to be a spoil sport I participated and I must say I actually enjoyed this one!!!!!!!

1. Thin!!!!!

2. A single parent to Simone

3. Just met Ashley (we met through my old boyfriend!!)

4. Working in a salon

5. A label shopper oh yes Louis Vuitton were once close!!!!!

1. Sleep

2. Wash Simones long hair

3. Get the Geyser fixed we have been without hot water for 2 days (Cold Showers are not cool)

4. Think about my Hong Kong trip

5. Cook supper and entertain the kids

1. Be a stay at home mom, I wish I had more time with my girls!!!!

2. Buy a new Nissan Murano

3. Have a beautiful SPA

4. Shop for labels again I would have a huge closet for all my Jimmy Choo’s, Prada and of course Louis

5. Hire a Chef

1. Cape Town

2. Cape Town

3. Cape Town

4. Cape Town!!!!! Yeah that’s all I know!!!

5. Cape Town

1. Edgars sales assistant

2. Truworths Sales assistant

3. Nail Technician

4. Nail Tech educator

5. I am now a nail tech educator and national examiner

The support group I found….

Last night I went blog hopping to catch up on all our little ones, and “oh my hat” there are so many blogs!!!!! And I think it’s just fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And most importantly we are all there for one another… I still have not had any joy with a support group for Dwarfism in Cape Town, and I have tried, but people here seem to be different (And please I’m not referring to all people in Cape Town!!!) Either they cannot arrange the time to get together, or when we do arrange a date, only one family turns up, but mostly they are just not interested in wanting to know more or to meet other families, I get the impression that they are afraid to learn more about their child’s condition, you know that old saying “Ignorance is bliss”

I remember I use to be like those parents I was  also afraid of “to much info” . After Leah’s birth my brother would bring me all sorts of information about Achondroplasia and I would smile, say thanks and when they left I would take the whole lot and toss it aside, I just could not deal reading about Sleep apnea, hydrocephalus, kyphosis, ear infections,tonsils,adenoids after all where the heck did all this scary information come from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is a dwarf!!!! I don’t believe all that stuff about breathing patterns, head size, and spinal issues……….. All my life I thought being a dwarf meant you were a small person nothing more, nothing less, but deep down in my heart I knew I was of no help to Leah, how was I going to cope with raising her properly if I had know idea how she worked??? I had to accept that she was different and her instruction manual was not quite the same as my previous kids, so I swallowed the fear of the unknown and started reading and learning, and I realized that yes there are some scary issues we need to be aware of but it does not necessarily mean Leah will suffer from all those conditions, I now know what to look out for, in case we ever do have to deal with Kyphosis, Hydrocephalus clicking joints or anything else that affects kids with dwarfism, I am more aware of my options and most importantly, I can determine whether the Doctor treating my child is clued up or not, because believe me I have had a few blank stares when I said “ Hi I’m Charmaine and this is my daughter Leah, she has Achondroplasia” and I even had one answer me by saying “ Oh how long has she been suffering from this problem”!!! Okay honey… grab the baby and the bag and let’s get out of here!!! Fortunately we are now under good supervision, thanks to Red Cross children’s hospital, and my family doctor,Dr Riana who dusted off the old textbooks and got cracking on some Achondroplasia revision, and not forgetting Doctor Hugo Hammond, who has been with Leah since she took her first breath.

So yes in a nutshell knowledge is power, and friends help ease the load, and I cannot begin to explain how all the blogs have helped me in raising Leah, there are times I wish I could be part of the LPA gatherings or be there when you get together just for some play time, all I want to do is give each and every little one a big hug but even though Im on the other side other world, I know that I’m just a click away so I still get to share the laughter and tears and all the achievements… So I guess I have found my “support group” in all the wonderful blogs, Heck some of us have even become Facebook friends!!!!!

So to all the Little People blog parents may we go from strength to strength!!!!!!


Two years ago on the 16th October at 1:10pm in the afternoon we welcomed a very special little girl into the world, it was the end of a difficult spell that carried uncertainty, mixed with anxiousness…….. but it was the beginning of an amazing journey filled with happiness, love,  a few tears, and  lots of laughter.

Leah 1 day old

Leah 1 day old

Leah my little sweetheart today is a very special day for us, we are so blessed to have you in our lives, and we love you so much, you may be little but you have filled our family like the sea fills the oceans and today we give thanks to God for keeping you safe and sound for the past 2 years, We are so proud of you and we love you more than you will ever know.

Hugs and Love

Mommy, Daddy, Simone and Nicole

Leat 5 months old

Leah at 5 months old

Happy Birthday Leah

Happy Birthday Leah

“Just 2 more sleeps Leah”……

Behold. Children are a gift of the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward

PS 127:3

It’s a very exciting time for our family this week, its been a week of good news and birthdays, the good news is mama is doing well, although her heart took a bit of a pounding, the doctors have said that she will be just fine, all she has to do is take her prescribed medication and slow down and rest!!!!!


We also have had lots of birthdays this month, on Monday we celebrated Uncle Eric and Jonathan’s birthdays…………… Today we celebrating Pa,s (my daddy) Birthday and on Thursday the 16th we will be celebrating a very special little girls birthday…… yes its Leah’s 2nd birthday and I still cant believe how fast time had passed us by,…. and closer to the end of the month we will be celebrating aunty Heathers birthday….. So it’s a very busy birthday month for us.

This is my "Look how sweet I am look"

This is my "look how sweet I am look"

I was sitting quietly the other night thinking about the past 2 years, and I realized that we serve a truly awesome God, my life has been so different since Leah’s birth in fact my whole family has been transformed all because of this little girl, I will never forget the day the doctors told me it would be in my families best interest not to continue the pregnancy because my life would be consumed with constant worry and my Girls and my Husband would suffer under the strain of looking after a physically or mentally handicapped child. When I left the hospital I thought “Who are they (the doctors) to decide what’s best for my family?? “ God said in Luke 1:37 FOR NOTHING WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD,” and with that scripture we welcomed Leah into the world. And 2 years later we are consumed with no worries because God said in Ps94:19 “When anxious thought multiply within me, your consolation delights my soul” Leah’s life has added nothing but , happiness, love, laughter and pure joy to our home and God had been true to his word……. He knew the plan he had for our lives and Leah’s life and I know that our little girl is going to grow up to be an amazing testimony of faith…….. How do I know this?? ……… well if God has been so awesome for the past 2 years…… I can only imagine what the next few years are going to be like….. so I decided to stop going on about the past and focus on out future……… im sure we are going to have our hand full with this little ball of energy!!!!! And we are going to enjoy every minute of it with her.

just loving the camera

just loving the camera

Please Keep Mama in your Prayers….

My gran has been admitted to hospital with server pain, doctors discovered that she has an enlarged heart and they suspect a blood clot may be causing her sudden illness……. please, please,please say a prayer for her so that God will strengthen her and that the doctors will make the right decisions on how they are going to treat her condition. My mama is huge part of my life, and i love her so much……. and with positive thoughs and energy i know we can get through this……. thank you.


Just have to remind myself

Today i went to the mall with Leah, and im standing at the check out and a lady behind me says to her friend…. “Oh how cute…..every body loves a midget” I breath and don’t turn around….. and Leah does not smile …….so the lady reaches out to touch Leah’s hand but Leah pulls away, after all its a stranger……. the Lady then says ” Oh my I see why shes a dwarf she must be grumpy cause if she was snow white ,she would have given me a smile” and they laugh………….

I (seeing red) turned around looked her in the eye and said “Actually her name is Leah, and I see why you are not part of the land of dwarfs ….Snow White would never befriend a dwarf that is NASTY, IGNORANT, or STUPID…….. ”

I felt hurt, angry as i walked away i struggled to see were i was going because i had tears welling up in my eyes……… angry tears , maybe i should have just walked away and not said anything………… but then again there are people who are just trying to be nice……. but how can people say such stupid, hurtful things??But I guess this is just the beginning of a whole new chapter for us as parents of little people to deal with, will i learn to let such remarks go by without a response??? I thought i could…

‘Consider the fact that you are “custom made” by God. Your genes, chromosomes, and all factors contributing to your being were governed by your Creator. All of this was done because you were designed to fulfill a specific purpose in history-a purpose no one else can completely fulfill. The fulfillment of this ultimate purpose is left within your power, it depends on the way you respond to your Creator.’

Quote by Matthew Henry taken from the book

” How to live a Christian Life” by Selwyn Hughes