And We Are Back!!!!!!!!!!!

Due to a bit of “internet problems” we were unable to update the blog as regularly as we wanted to, but things are all fixed up and we are back on line!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH………. The funny thing is, that during our blogging absence not much has happened………… its been pretty quiet in the Kay household, Leah has just been doing her thing as she usually does, but she has started running!!!!!!!!!! (i now also run, thanks to Leah) and she has mastered the art of the high pitched scream, which is used during hair washing and general “I want my way situations” Leah has also taken on a love for cleaning!!!!!!!!!! she loves to dust, she try’s to take on the vacuum cleaner but her big passion is to sweep, she will sweep anything and anyone out ho her way, so this past weekend we did our regular visit to Mama’s house (Leah’s great grand mother) she stays in a retirement village, and Leah has become a firm favorite among the old folk that live in the village……. and as usual Leah felt the need to sweep Mamas house, but to her surprise Mama bought Leah her own special broom, and she spent the rest of the afternoon sweeping her little heart out………………

So here are some pictures of Mamas little sweeper

One thought on “And We Are Back!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Aww… love the special broom! Fortunately, my mother-in-law is well under 5′ tall herself so grandma already has a lot of the things that Caitlin will love playing with as she grows older. Caits also has that fantastic high-pitched scream down to a science! I’d say it had something to do with her being a girl, but my wife might read this and I’d get in trouble… LOL

    Loved the pics of her sweeping, though! Cute!

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