“Just 2 more sleeps Leah”……

Behold. Children are a gift of the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward

PS 127:3

It’s a very exciting time for our family this week, its been a week of good news and birthdays, the good news is mama is doing well, although her heart took a bit of a pounding, the doctors have said that she will be just fine, all she has to do is take her prescribed medication and slow down and rest!!!!!


We also have had lots of birthdays this month, on Monday we celebrated Uncle Eric and Jonathan’s birthdays…………… Today we celebrating Pa,s (my daddy) Birthday and on Thursday the 16th we will be celebrating a very special little girls birthday…… yes its Leah’s 2nd birthday and I still cant believe how fast time had passed us by,…. and closer to the end of the month we will be celebrating aunty Heathers birthday….. So it’s a very busy birthday month for us.

This is my "Look how sweet I am look"

This is my "look how sweet I am look"

I was sitting quietly the other night thinking about the past 2 years, and I realized that we serve a truly awesome God, my life has been so different since Leah’s birth in fact my whole family has been transformed all because of this little girl, I will never forget the day the doctors told me it would be in my families best interest not to continue the pregnancy because my life would be consumed with constant worry and my Girls and my Husband would suffer under the strain of looking after a physically or mentally handicapped child. When I left the hospital I thought “Who are they (the doctors) to decide what’s best for my family?? “ God said in Luke 1:37 FOR NOTHING WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD,” and with that scripture we welcomed Leah into the world. And 2 years later we are consumed with no worries because God said in Ps94:19 “When anxious thought multiply within me, your consolation delights my soul” Leah’s life has added nothing but , happiness, love, laughter and pure joy to our home and God had been true to his word……. He knew the plan he had for our lives and Leah’s life and I know that our little girl is going to grow up to be an amazing testimony of faith…….. How do I know this?? ……… well if God has been so awesome for the past 2 years…… I can only imagine what the next few years are going to be like….. so I decided to stop going on about the past and focus on out future……… im sure we are going to have our hand full with this little ball of energy!!!!! And we are going to enjoy every minute of it with her.

just loving the camera

just loving the camera

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