And they said I would never get it right…

  December last year a radio station breakfast show decided it was a funny thing to make jokes about living with Dwarfism and directly poked fun at short stature using the “M” word they just slandered on and on. This bothered me so much because it was so demeaning and discriminating. What got me going was I had so called friends calling to ask me if I had heard the “funny midget” jokes on radio I just could not leave what had happened that morning so I emailed the radio station in question, I did not get a response instead they played a new set of “funny midget” jokes a few days later that was when I took the case to the Broadcastings complaints commition of South Africa, and this was their response after reviewing the case:

“Dear Ms Kay

Your complaint concerning the ******* jokes on ****** has reference.

 We have listened to the material in question and considered your complaint.  We agree that the jokes were in exceptionally questionable taste and it is our opinion that it at least, justifies an internal discussion at the radio station as to whether the internal policy of the station was, complied with.

 The Broadcasting Code, however, only protect race, gender, ethnicity and religion against hate speech. Even if persons whom you represent had been included,  the speech would not have amounted to the advocacy of hatred. In terms of the Code we, accordingly, cannot entertain this complaint.

 We will, however, refer this matter to the station’s management for consideration of their internal policy, and will also refer this to the Chair of the Commission so that the Commission may, in future, consider what steps should be taken about other sections of the community who require protection.

 We thank you for making use of our services.

 Yours sincerely”


First of all I did not submit it as HATE SPEECH!! And second you admit that it is in “exceptionally questionable taste”???? So the Broadcastings Commission completely misses the plot…..


As you can well imagine I was left very angry so I took it one step further I contacted the Human Rights Commission of South Africa as it states in our Bill of rights “section10” that discrimination of any kind is in violation of the act.  I strongly believe the MEDIA should make a serious effort to be more aware of the jokes and terms they use on live air as it could have a influence on society and it makes it seem that its okay or funny to poke fun at a little person. I sure that any DJ would watch his words when it comes to joking about race so what makes them think its “OKAY” to joke about disabilities?


 “Terminology is important because words reflect our attitudes and beliefs, however some terms we tend to use may NOT reflect how some physically and mentally disabled people see themselves. Using the right words matters.  ‘The names we get called and the status of the people doing the naming can have a enormous impact on our lives”

 So after 10 months of waiting and back and forth emails I got a hearing date at the HRC and I met with the radio station and their legal team and it was just me and my file of facts. At one point I wondered what I had gotten my self into but I just thought well you made it this far and I might as well grab the bull by the horns. So im proud to say we got our official apology, which I tend to post on the Little People of South Africa blog , FaceBook page  You name it im going to spread it, and I guess I can say without shame that I AM SO PROUD of this accomplishment, I promised Leah the day she was born I would fight for her rights and I will make sure I do whatever it takes to raise dwarfism awareness in South Africa

Living a life much bigger than normal

I know that the chance of “them” reading this blog is slim because some people in the world today have a attitude of : “ If im not affected by it I wont bother to know more about it”

The “Them” that I am referring to are the few ignorant individuals that roam among us… what saddens me the most is they not just “anybody”… they are parents just like you and me so let me explain. On a recent outing Leah got really excited when she saw a little girl sitting in the shopping cart close by. Leah said hello and waved asked her name and the little girl responded and smiled and chatted just like two toddlers would do… completely innocent not having a care in the world. The little girls mom was not aware of the two little ones chatting as she was too busy picking fruit out of the basket. As I moved my shopping cart to pass the little girl, Leah stretched out her hand to touch  her hand, her mother who happened to be done fruit picking at this point realized what  Leah was doing and darted across the floor to get between her child and Leah, she pushed her little girls hand out the way and said  “Don’t touch her cant you see there is something wrong with her!!”  And she walked off.

My heart broke and I was left speechless, needless to say I left what I was doing and walked out the shop, as my eyes welled up with tears . I held Leah in my arms and she put her arms around me and said don’t cry mommy, she had no understanding of what had happened and  I felt a sense of relief  because she didn’t have to fell the hurt I was feeling.After I regained my composure I became really angry because I realize how ignorant this mother was, she without knowing is teaching her child to be just as ignorant as she is.

I’m sure lots of LP moms have been in my shoes and has been left utterly heartbroken, don’t people realize how hurtful their actions can be?? Are they so selfish that they have lost all sense of self-awareness?? How can they demand respect from the world if they dish out disrespect to others?? How can you whip out your cell phone camera and say “Oh my can a take a picture of her we have never seen a baby midget ITS so cute”

I guess there will always be ignorant people in the world but at the same time I am grateful to the genuine people who go out of their way to acknowledge Leah when she says hello…. The few who smile and blow kisses the few who say do you mind if I give her a hug, the few who say Leah that’s a beautiful name……..  God has a plan of that im sure, Leah is my testimony… because when the world had no hope for her God knew better and I’m sure one day she will rise above all these hurtful moments to become a little lady living a life much bigger than normal.

If its not Discrimination then South Africa has let me down

A few weeks ago some really discrimination jokes were made on a popular radio station…. The jokes were as follows

  • Does high jump discriminate against Midgets
  • Why do Midgets smile while playing soccer?? Because the grass tickles their bum

I contacted the station in order to make them aware of their actions but not receiving much joy I took it a step further, I approached the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa thinking this would be the help needed in order to raise awareness against discrimination against people with disabilities. Sadly the commotion only protects Race, Gender, Ethnicity and Religion and they don’t feel that the jokes made during the shows in question amounted to hate speech towards people with this condition!

Angry is an understatement to how I am feeling right now the only way I can express my feeling on this matter is to say im pissed off to the core of my being …….how is it possible to give the rights of the disabled such a huge miss? Do they understand the meaning of DISCRIMINATION?? AND IF THEY DO WHAT HAPPENED TO IT??

So help me out here… the way I see it if you live in South Africa it’s perfectly acceptable to joke about the physically and mentally disabled??  Did they think I was going to take the conclusion they have given me and say “oh okay sorry to have wasted your time I will just ignore the midget jokes in future”……… NO WAY im taking this all the way to the top I’m tired of all these technicalities and loopholes that allow people to get off the hook so easily. Im not accepting the answer I was given………… I’m going to make it my mission to get the answer I want, it is UNACCEPTABLE AND DISCRIMINATION and I wont stand for it… I will not allow my child to grow up in a country that is going to let her down so I have taken this one to the Human Right Commission of South Africa.

The children’s Rights act as stipulated by the Department of Justice and Correctional development of South Africa states


How are you being accepting when you allow the media that has access to thousands of listeners to joke about another persons disability and use degrading terms like Midget on live air???

How are you creating awareness  when you allow a radio station to spread ignorance to the public???