Hello November

A few weeks ago we had Leah visit her ENT for her annual ear check, sadly we were informed that Leah has lost 100% hearing in her left ear this is due to the continued ear infections which is a reoccurring problem with Achondroplasia.

Leah did not show any signs of her hearing being a problem and I feel awful because this is something I should never have missed, but yet it is what it is. I’m grateful that this has not impacted her in a huge way, she is just as she always has been, she is doing well at school and communicating with all her friends, so for now things seem fine and Leah is still her usual captivating self.


2 thoughts on “Hello November

  1. Who truly understands the sovereignty of God? let them stand. Jehovah God has a plan…..you and Leah are a vital part of it…..May the works of God be made manifest……….my prayers are with you and my thoughts and heart as a woman reaches out to you too. Leah is a gift from heaven.

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