My Little Sprinter!!!

How has Leah been doing thus far well after the first week of school Leah hit a bit of a wobble. We had to deal with some very difficult morning episodes of “I don’t want to go to school because I miss my mommy when she is away” this went on for about four days and I felt so bad leaving my little girl in tears not to mention all sorts of doubt started creeping into my head about her adjustment to a main stream school. I was assured by her teacher that the tears were but for a moment, usually about 5min then all was forgotten and she carried on as usual.

By the end of the week I had to put on my tough mommy wings and say “Let’s stop the drama Leah!!” this moment took her by surprise as she stood looking at me with those big eyes (they just melt my heart by the way). I then went through the “mommy goes to work and children go to school” lecture and we made a pact that involves a “I love you and you are awesome high five” which is our every morning ritual so far, this high five pact seemed to have done the trick and needless to say Leah has settled in and seems to be enjoying school.

We recently had sports day at school and I was so disappointed that I was not able to attend but luck for us Aunty Lucille rescued the day!! And I received running commentary and pictures of Leah’s first sports day…. so let me share some pictures of our little sprinter!! (Who took a tumble but jumped right up and carried on running lol)  By the way she took 6th place out of 9 very fast kiddos….. not bad at all!!!

Ps: I haven’t forgotten about the BMN-111 updates, just waiting to get some feedback from the parents who have started their kids on the trials.


Leahs best buddies since pre-school!!:)