Cure Achondroplasia….

I thought I would post as the clinical trials for this potential “cure” for Achondroplasia starts in January 2013, I personally know of someone whose little girl has been selected to be a trial candidate it involves a series of daily injections with strict medical supervision.

Don’t get me wrong I applauded any sort of medical breakthrough, and if this is successful in promoting ¬†growth in Achondroplasia then I guess in years to come there would be very few little people around.

At the moment my feeling is that I have made peace with Achondroplasia, Leah was formed this way from the day she was conceived, she is healthy, happy and not facing any life threatening health risks.I dont know if I will ever use her for drug testing I dont think i would use myself for any sort of drug testing as a feel like there is no guarantee on what side effects could surface.

I would love your feeling on this, I’m just putting it out there in case you haven’t heard…

Here are some links to read up on…..