Little People in Cape Town……

The Excitement is sprouting….. we don’t have an official name but its safe to say that our Little People support group is official, we had our second get together on Saturday and although we are only  7 families we are positive that we are going to grow and grow.

Red Cross Children’s Hospital has given us their support by allowing us to use their facilities for our meetings, they have offered support in the form of Genetic counseling , occupational therapist the use of the play room and boardroom …. (and so much more )

Heather (Danielle’s mom) got in contact with Dr Fieggen of UCT division of human genetics (Dr Fieggen runs the genetic clinic at Red Cross and she is familiar with most of our little ones) and Dr Fieggen expressed how excited she was at our efforts and she has offered to make contact with any new or old parents on her database to inform them of the support group.

We had many areas to discuss at our meeting and we are about to get things going…. so there is lots of work ahead but its all good!!!!!!!!!!!! And im so excited to be part of this vision….

Here are some pictures or our little ones in Cape Town South Africa

(and what a active bunch they are!!!!)

Joel, Joshua and Martinque

Leah and Danielle

Leah and Danielle



Hamaz, Martinque abd King Joel

Hamaz, Martinque and King Joel

Ashley giving Joshua a helping hand

Ashley giving Joshua a helping hand

Having fun!!!!

Having fun!!!!

What new???

Its been quiet for the past few days, but there has also been some exciting developments taking place. We have officially had our first parents of little people support group meeting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was fantastic even though we were only 8 parents we see it as a fantastic start to something we hope to grow!!! for the moment Leah is the baby of the group and in all the excitement I realised I never took one picture , but not to worry im getting some of the other moms to e-mail me a few pics and I will be sure to post them as soon as I can.

As far as Leah’s progress, well she still has no interest in the potty!! I have been trying but all she says is  “no go potty”, the interesting thing is she cant stand the feel of a wet diaper, so ever so often we will find our little one running around the house missing this crucial piece of moisture capturing clothing. Recently I have discovered the cutest limited edition Huggies diapers which look like little denim shorts, and would you believe she keep these on even if they are close to exploding…

my jeans

She has also been trying hard to dress herself and finds it awfully funny when her head won’t fit through the neck hole!!

funny baby

Leah has also found the perfect resting spot after a long day of making mummy run around the house, so the arm of the sofa has become just the right spot to catch up on some well deserved shut eye


whats on the tv

We have been struggling with some nasty ear infections to be more accurate we have had a total of 5 ear infections since the beginning of this year , Leah’s will be undergoing surgery for her tubes, tonsil’s and adenoids on the 17th of July so I guess I have to be patient, I just wish we could get a sooner date and July is also our peak winter season and having a operation in winter just seems so harsh so hopefully with a little persuasion I can get the doctors to move our date a little closer!! So besides all the medication for pain (ear pain) Leah has created her own way to ease her ear ache…. she fold her ears!!! And I was wondering have any other little ones done the same?? so I find myself  up at night unfolding her ears, because the last thing Leah needs besides the short stature is the have cauliflower ears!!!

the ear fold