Raising a powerful little girl named Leah

Its DWARFISM AWARENESS month in the USA…. unfortunately South Africa does not acknowledge this as yet but that does not stop us from joining in as we did in the past.

My Facebook newsfeeds have been abuzz with all the educational updates which is great to see.I was thinking about what I could share to celebrate this month and after much thinking I decided to share a recent mother daughter chat I had with Leah, a few weeks ago someone had poked fun of her size at school and she was feeling hurt as a mother all i wanted to do was hunt down the other kid and give her a harsh reprimand but we have to remember that we are our children’s greatest teachers .

So in the spirit of Dwarfism Awareness Month I dedicated this post to my Daughter Leah..

My darling Leah .You have the power to create what you want, it’s inside of you and is more powerful that you can imagine. Sometimes we give so much power to words that’s we become consumed with bitterness this is when you lose sight of who you really are. Yes you are going to have good days and you will have bad days fact is  we all have those days but I’m here for you if you need me. No one has the right to make you feel bad. If someone says something offensive YOU have the choice as to how you respond to it, just remember this only YOU can give it the power to upset you. So next time someone insults you don’t give it any power…. give it back to them try not to react, instead breath deep and give yourself time to respond in a way you would be proud of. Sometimes in anger we say things we regret but a calm response will definitely make people think twice about their ignorant jokes and insults.. believe me even if you think your response  has not made an impact I’m telling you it has,  that person will never forget. The only person in charge of your emotions and thoughts is YOU, and you are more beautiful than you will ever know. Love you always and forever.