All you need is love

Recently we celebrated my grandmothers 80th birthday, and as a family I consider us truly blessed to have her in our lives she is truly an amazing lady.

To say I was overwhelmed by my grandma’s speech would be an understatement and once again I am reminded of just how much Leah means to so many people. It was my grandmas request to make her grand entrance to her party accompanied by non other than Miss Leah, and in her speech she reviled how she went on her knees and prayed the morning Leah was born. She told us that when she came to visit me in hospital after Leah birth she was kissing her little arms and legs and as she touched her little fingers Leahs hand gripped her fingers so tightly, its as if Leah was saying “yes great grandma I am here” and from that moment she knew that Leah was given to us for a very special reason  it was a lesson of love unconditionally.

It’s just amazing and I struggle to find the words to explain just how much joy this little girl has brought into our lives. Its moments like these that just wash all the negative thoughts and encounters away, and we are so lucky to have our little girl grow up surrounded by so much love from family and friends near and far.