If its not Discrimination then South Africa has let me down

A few weeks ago some really discrimination jokes were made on a popular radio station…. The jokes were as follows

  • Does high jump discriminate against Midgets
  • Why do Midgets smile while playing soccer?? Because the grass tickles their bum

I contacted the station in order to make them aware of their actions but not receiving much joy I took it a step further, I approached the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa thinking this would be the help needed in order to raise awareness against discrimination against people with disabilities. Sadly the commotion only protects Race, Gender, Ethnicity and Religion and they don’t feel that the jokes made during the shows in question amounted to hate speech towards people with this condition!

Angry is an understatement to how I am feeling right now the only way I can express my feeling on this matter is to say im pissed off to the core of my being …….how is it possible to give the rights of the disabled such a huge miss? Do they understand the meaning of DISCRIMINATION?? AND IF THEY DO WHAT HAPPENED TO IT??

So help me out here… the way I see it if you live in South Africa it’s perfectly acceptable to joke about the physically and mentally disabled??  Did they think I was going to take the conclusion they have given me and say “oh okay sorry to have wasted your time I will just ignore the midget jokes in future”……… NO WAY im taking this all the way to the top I’m tired of all these technicalities and loopholes that allow people to get off the hook so easily. Im not accepting the answer I was given………… I’m going to make it my mission to get the answer I want, it is UNACCEPTABLE AND DISCRIMINATION and I wont stand for it… I will not allow my child to grow up in a country that is going to let her down so I have taken this one to the Human Right Commission of South Africa.

The children’s Rights act as stipulated by the Department of Justice and Correctional development of South Africa states


How are you being accepting when you allow the media that has access to thousands of listeners to joke about another persons disability and use degrading terms like Midget on live air???

How are you creating awareness  when you allow a radio station to spread ignorance to the public???

4 thoughts on “If its not Discrimination then South Africa has let me down

  1. Not just using the word, but using it in a truly mocking and degrading fashion! There are always people who use it without realizing the connotations, and those people can be corrected. Arrogant pricks like this deserve a sock in the mouth. Too bad it’s a bad example to do that!

  2. I am right behind you! It is one thing to use the word not understanding that people find it derogatory, it is quite another to so blatantly use the word to hurt and discriminate! You take that message to the top! We are all backing you up. Let me know what we can do. I have to say that in the United States rights are taken very seriously. I think people who mock anyone with a disability is ignorant. Hugs!

  3. I agree with everyone else – take it to the top and we are all here to back you up! I’m often dumbfounded by how much ignorance that there is in the world. It’s crazy for anyone to say that this is not discrimination. Let us know what we can do to help! Hugs!

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