Just have to remind myself

Today i went to the mall with Leah, and im standing at the check out and a lady behind me says to her friend…. “Oh how cute…..every body loves a midget” I breath and don’t turn around….. and Leah does not smile …….so the lady reaches out to touch Leah’s hand but Leah pulls away, after all its a stranger……. the Lady then says ” Oh my I see why shes a dwarf she must be grumpy cause if she was snow white ,she would have given me a smile” and they laugh………….

I (seeing red) turned around looked her in the eye and said “Actually her name is Leah, and I see why you are not part of the land of dwarfs ….Snow White would never befriend a dwarf that is NASTY, IGNORANT, or STUPID…….. ”

I felt hurt, angry as i walked away i struggled to see were i was going because i had tears welling up in my eyes……… angry tears , maybe i should have just walked away and not said anything………… but then again there are people who are just trying to be nice……. but how can people say such stupid, hurtful things??But I guess this is just the beginning of a whole new chapter for us as parents of little people to deal with, will i learn to let such remarks go by without a response??? I thought i could…

‘Consider the fact that you are “custom made” by God. Your genes, chromosomes, and all factors contributing to your being were governed by your Creator. All of this was done because you were designed to fulfill a specific purpose in history-a purpose no one else can completely fulfill. The fulfillment of this ultimate purpose is left within your power, it depends on the way you respond to your Creator.’

Quote by Matthew Henry taken from the book

” How to live a Christian Life” by Selwyn Hughes

One thought on “Just have to remind myself

  1. Wow… we’ll see if I can be as levelheaded in the same situation! I’m a fairly defensive person to start with, and have gone off on people for things that don’t involve me personally… I don’t know how I’ll react when it involves my own daughter!

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