Two years ago on the 16th October at 1:10pm in the afternoon we welcomed a very special little girl into the world, it was the end of a difficult spell that carried uncertainty, mixed with anxiousness…….. but it was the beginning of an amazing journey filled with happiness, love,  a few tears, and  lots of laughter.

Leah 1 day old

Leah 1 day old

Leah my little sweetheart today is a very special day for us, we are so blessed to have you in our lives, and we love you so much, you may be little but you have filled our family like the sea fills the oceans and today we give thanks to God for keeping you safe and sound for the past 2 years, We are so proud of you and we love you more than you will ever know.

Hugs and Love

Mommy, Daddy, Simone and Nicole

Leat 5 months old

Leah at 5 months old

Happy Birthday Leah

Happy Birthday Leah

8 thoughts on “HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY LEAH

  1. She is such a gorgeous person, I still want the opportunity to meet her. God is Awesome, see the beauty he created even though naive people think differently.

    God is amazing, I can testify to that, after loosing everything he has brought us back to a new life, with tons of Blessings….so Love her with all your heart, she is a Beautiful Blessing.


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