Doctor’s Visit

So today was hospital visit day for Leahs  check up, Leah was clearly not impressed and kept on shouting “Open the door” as a means to escape the check!!! The doctors are very happy with Leahs progress, she walks up and down stairs without support…. but that does depend on the height of the step!!!! so I just had to remind the doctor that her legs are short ( Eeer duh) word count and sentence building is all on track, attempting to dress herself is also a good thing….. does that include walking around in moms shoes???  her head growth is “acceptable” and her growth in general seems to be okay but she has however not had much growth of the humerus….. and she has to return next month because there are some concerns about her knees….. but we have to wait because there are no appointments available until next month… we do however have our MRI scheduled for 20 January.

So today when we walked into the appointment room the receptionist blurted out loud ” Oh my!!! now you can see she is a dwarf… she never look like that before…. she certainty has changed” and I said ” Where is it ?? I also want to see the dwarf” ….by the time we left she (the receptionist ) still had a blank look on her face…. 🙂 And yes I have realized that things are becoming more visual…. thing is ….we don’t see it!!…. we just see Leah 🙂

Standing tall

Standing tall

5 thoughts on “Doctor’s Visit

  1. Too cute.. “Open the door!” I’m glad things are going well for sweet Leah! Hopefully the knee concern isn’t really bad! Good luck with the MRI! Sonya had one not too long ago… it’s a bit tough, but Leah will be just fine! I see just Leah too and she is adorable!

  2. Am glad to hear the Drs visit went well. I smiled about the shoes…Fern has started to pull off peoples shoes so that she can wear them and then goes to collect their bags! Leah just looks like Leah to me too…beautiful and cheeky.

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