The terrible two’s

I have been through the terrible twos before; in fact this will be my third encounter with this dreaded phase of growing up!!! Simone was a very easy toddler she pretty much went about doing her thing and never really got herself into any “dangerous” situations, the same applies to Nicole who was the easiest of the three…. Nicole slept 7 hour stretches from the day she was born…. So that should give you some idea of what I mean when I say she was every parents dream baby.

With regards to Leah things are a bit different, Leah finds pleasure in all that is extreme. If I were to baby proof my house we would probably end up with empty padded rooms!!! We are constantly on “high alert”…if she is not screaming her lungs out about how everything is “MINE TOYS’ she would probably be climbing the furniture with the greatest of ease, making steps using teddy bears to create the height needed, sprinkling her apple juice all around the house, diving off the self made steps, spinning around and becoming so drunk that she walks into the furniture (which is so much fun for her and the rest for the girls and you cant help but giggle with them) and the best has to be stripping down to absolutely nothing and opening the curtains to wave at the people passing by in the nude!!!

There are many more “terrible two” stunts but I thought I would just highlight a few for now…. And I find myself terribly exhausted by all this action …so I ask myself am I getting to old for this??? And my mom says there is no time to get old because this phase should end in about 32 years time 🙂

9 thoughts on “The terrible two’s

  1. I so know what you mean. Fern is nearlly 3 but i cant see an end in sight to the behaviour! I know youre exhausted but your account is very funny.

  2. Just wait. My Aidan is a remarkable climber. I have turned my back for a second and have found him on top of the kitchen table. If 2 is terrible what is 3?

  3. Hysterical two’s is what they should call it!!! “MINE TOYS” and stripping, pulling back the curtains and waving to passerby’s had me in stitches! Oh my, I’ve been through it twice before too and in another year I’ll be going through it with Sonya too! Thanks for the good laugh and give that cutie a big hug if she’ll sit still for it!!

  4. Leah on the furniture!! You should of heard me gasp for air!!! GET HER DOWN!!!! 😉 I swear, they have no fear!! Give HUGS and KISSES to the girls for me!!!!

  5. Oh, that is hilarious!! Leah is just so cute! I’m sure she gives the people passing by a good chuckle! She looks like she is going to be keeping you very busy for many, many years yet! Simon seems to love all that is extreme too!

  6. Ash hasn’t yet started crawling up things much…yet… she prefers to bring things to her level and fuss when told “No” Leah certainly is fearless. That picture on the chair is spooky, hand in there, it’s got to calm down at some point, right??

  7. Hello charmaine and Ashley

    How are you?

    Your testomony is amazing. It brings Glory and Honour to God. Leah story has inspired me…but it’s you (Charmaine), who God is using to draw people to Him in this day.

    I was moved to tears reading this. I passed on your site to another mom who’s baby needs close medical monitoring for the child was born prematurely with legs deformity.

    Thank you for sharing.


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