Who need Roses give me a Sunflower to light my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A little birdie told me that I ruffled a few feathers with my “Girls will be Girls” post…… reading between the lines I was basically seen by a few closed minded people as being an insensitive parent who obviously has a problem ,because I was poking fun at my dwarf child.

I went through a few emotions about what was assumed…… first I thought nothing of what these few had to say then I thought “Wait a minute, WHO do these people think they are and what gives then the right to JUDGE me!!!! SO ……..to whoever you may be, I have read your comments now it’s my turn to have a say!!!!

I’m not going to explain why I wrote that story , because I don’t feel the need to justify myself to anybody but I will say this…….

  • As a parent of a little person I have learnt not to Judge You on the other hand have not!!!
  • as a parent of a little person I have learnt not to assume things off the cuff because assumption is the mother of a stuff ups
  • I will not allow my child to conform to certain ways of society …..because society has to many hang ups on what is considered to be Normal and Abnormal!
  • I’m so happy my Little girl can Identify with a doll that looks like her and not have to grow up thinking that she has to be perfectly proportioned so she will be accepted and loved by other AH people
  • And most importantly, if you cannot accept and love yourself how can you accept and love others?

In my family the most important value I teach my girls is to Love yourself for who you are and our differences on the outside whether it maybe a large head, funny toes, or a tummy roll… is what makes you unique and special. It would be a very dull world if we all looked the same. Someone very close to me made the most beautiful statement a few months ago she said “what would the world be like if all we had was roses? Very boring I love sunflowers and Leah is my sunflower she is actually our sunflower special, unique and different from the rest”

Where it all started Bratz Babyz

bartz baby

We went on to find that Strawberry shortcake also carried a strong resemblance …..

Strawberry shortcake

Leah just loves her little dolls

they kind of look like me!!

As you can see!!!!!!!!!!!

my little doll

4 thoughts on “Who need Roses give me a Sunflower to light my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Bravo Char!! I completely agree, as I did then!! If the commentors cannot see what you meant to convey, too bad for them, because your girls are brillant little girls who have a sister that is loved very much!

    Your a GREAT mom!!! But you arleady know that 😉

  2. Great post. You are 100% right. Our children are perfect just the way they are…..and who cares what other people think. It’s their problem if they want to judge. There was nothing wrong with that post. I thought it was super cute and you are right- if little Leah can feel better having a doll that she can relate to then so be it. Good for her. You are a great mom with beautiful children. You are obviously doing a great job of raising them.

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