Hello Winter My Old Friend

It seem like winter has arrived in the Souther Hemisphere…… so while all my Northern Hemisphere buddies prepare for Summer vacation and beach trips, we are unpacking the winter warmers (hoping that they still fit and have not shrunk during their summer hibernation)…. I myself am a summer baby and winter does not really go down so great with me……. sometimes I think its great how bears get to sleep through the winter and I always said if I believed in reincarnation I would love to come back as a bear.

We took some pictures on one of our last sunny days, and the day after these pictures were taken, the heavens opened, we had winds blowing at 60knots and the blue sky has been Grey ever since. At least there is one positive thing about winter that I do like, I get to cuddle with Leah (and hubby) under the fluffy warm blankets and I would not trade that for anthing in the world….. not even a Sunny Summer Day.


And the next day………………………..

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