A week full of accomplishments

It has been a very busy wee for Leah, she has been up to lots of her usual activities but she has decided to add a few new things to the list, Leah’s vocabulary is growing by the day …..so far we have a crystal clear “HELLO” we have ” OUTSIDE, DADDY, BABY, TEA, KEY, NIGHT and NO.

The two big accomplishments for me has to be the following, Leah hates her feeding cup, and she has for the past 5 months refuse to develop a relationship with the cup!!!! but i tried one more time this past week and much to my joy the little bug figured it out and is now a proud sippy cup drinker.

But the biggist accomplishment has to be Leah being able to climb up the sofa all by herself!!!!!!!!!! And it seems to me that Leah is almost a “big girl”

Hmmm lets see…………

Its not so bad once you know how it all works…..

Lets see if i can climb up

Almost there just need to lift my leg a bit more


Yeah i did it poor mom she has to watch me like a hawk from now on, who knows what i might do next!!

Actually right after mom took these pictures she took me outside I decided to eat a worm!!!!!!!!!!!


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