The Pacifier Predicament!

Leah, little girl with a big heart, determined, funny, caring and a born hugger!!!!!!! Master of the disappearing act, amazing climber, and fast like lightning, skilled sad face gets me out of trouble artist and sharp vocabulary.

I could go on but I think this covers most characteristics that makes her absolutely super special!!!!!

So take all the above ingredients… mix them up add some time (3years and 10months to be exact) and you get a very energetic, enthusiastic almost4-year-old little girl. Yeap Leah is going to be 4 years old pretty soon. I’m not sure if Leah is aware of what’s to come as this millstone is the start of a whole new life phase, its the I’m not a “baby/ toddler” time, it’s the “I’m growing up mommy you need to let go of the baby time” Yes friends its time for “Prep School”. I must admit I’m struggling to let go but what can I do “I’m a mom”

So here is the challenge at hand, my first 2 daughters were not pacifier babies but Leah is. The pacifier is the heart beat of comfort for Leah, we cant leave the house without it and we often have to form a search party when the pacifier has been misplaced, the kids do the lower on the ground level while Dad and I do the higher “throw it up in the sky” areas. I have done the whole “Fairy needs the dummy for the little baby story” Her answer to this was “ Tell the fairy she can get them at the store were you bought mine” (I had no comeback reply for that answer)

Lately we noticed that Leah has actually become a little embarrassed to be seen in public with her Pacifier, she will hide it in her bag when we go grocery shopping and she will hide it when friend come over to visit. Recently Leah left her pacifier on the floor only have Lucy our dog decided to chew the teat off, this as you can imagine cause huge drama and in typical drama queen style Leah’s reaction to the chewed up pacifier resulted in her falling to her knees saying “ WHY LUCY WHY” with Lucy just glaring back looking very confused .As Dad reached for the car keys to go out to the store to get a new pacifier I said “NO that’s it!!!!!!  LEAH KAY… Mommy has told you before DO NOT leave your pacifier on the floor and now Lucy has chewed it!! I’m sorry Leah ….now you need to be without it”

“I DON’T LIKE YOU ANYMORE” she screamed and I said “well then I don’t like you anymore” then Leah’s classic comeback  “WHATEVER idiot” the idiot part was done in a whispered tone. I walked out the house and erupted into a fit of laughter!!!!!!! My neighbor actually thought I was crying cause I laughed so loud but when I relayed the story she too was in stitches!!!!!

I am proud to say we have now been Pacifier free for 4 days and its actually been stress free, she does ask for it but that’s as for as it goes so hey “all’s well that ends well” okay maybe not………………. She has now discovered her thumb and this is were I need your help

LP moms and dads its not like Lucy can nibble on her thumb… how do I deal with this one …….anyone out there dealt with a thumb sucker before?

4 thoughts on “The Pacifier Predicament!

  1. We never had the thumb issue with either of our children, but my sister was a thumb sucker. My parents tried everything. Bribery “If you don’t suck your thumb for x days, we’ll buy you this”, threats, special nail polish that tasted bad, even pepper nail polish. I don’t know what finally worked, I’ll ask them. Good luck. You could always start by throwing yourself on the floor and yelling “WHY LEAH WHY”…LOL

  2. Oh my goodness!!! LOL! Your story about the dog chewing up the paci and Leah’s drama had me in stitches too! All my girls were big “chewby” fans… Sonya is still attached to hers. Luckily our Easter Bunny did a fabulous job taking them away to the babies and brought them much chocolate as their reward. I don’t have any thumb suckers, but when I was a kid I used to suck on my fingers and my mother found some very nasty tasting nail polish made for this childhood issue. It worked briefly, it tasted nasty, I thought I had one up on my mom and used nail polish remover to take it off only to discover that nail polish remover tasted even worse. In the end, I still sucked my fingers probably up until 3rd grade or so. I didn’t do it in public or in front of my friends or even when I would have a sleepover with friends. It didn’t end up messing up my teeth either. I eventually just out grew it. Wish I had some better advice… maybe you could try the nail polish with Leah? I love Destini’s suggestion! “Why Leah Why??!!” LOL!!!

  3. Love Destini’s suggestion. I took Pres’ away when he was about 3. Around the time he started potty training. The paci did mess up the front teeth (they did not comeall the way in and his incisors look like fangs). But thumb sucking is not great. Both my sister and brother needed major orthodontal work because sucking their thumb did major damage to the teeth. I would maybe go into her room at night and remove the thumb if you can. Hopefully she is just in a little phase.

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