Looks that melt my heart :)

Not much  new news  in the Kay household right now……………..but there is some exciting news ahead but for now I’m going to keep a HUSH on that news lol.

I thought  would post these two pictures of Leah, she has such an amazing sense of humour in these pictures Leah will demonstrate her extraordinary ability to go from

Super Model pout to..

I’m locked up in prison please help me sadness look  hahahah just had to share them:)

2 thoughts on “Looks that melt my heart :)

  1. DYING to hear your news girl!!!
    Did I miss it? I’m going to check Facebook. I love that second picture of Leah so much. I think you need to blow that one up and frame it! The first one just cracks me up! She’s adorable.

  2. Leah is just too adorable!! I love that second picture of her! She certainly has perfected the super model pout! You can really see her sense of humor in that first picture too – she must keep you laughing all of the time!
    Exciting news?! Did I miss it too?

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