The Things Toddlers do….

The festive season is upon us once again!!!!!! Yes time sure does fly when one is having fun. Speaking of fun we have been having tons of fun. Leah is now a full-blown toddler, and doing all the “naughty” things that toddlers do. ( I’m sure she does some more naughty things that the average toddler) I feel quite silly sometimes because after all, I am a mom of three kids…. I should know what to expect when dealing with a toddler, but im not going to lie about it, I feel like a first time mum with Leah, in fact I felt this way with Nicole as well, Simone on the other hand was my first 🙂

I believe a mother’s brain has an automatic “memory clear” button which erases all the memories of the terrible toddler stages we have lived through. This memory loss is important because it enables us to have more kids, it is only when we are back in the toddler phase that able to recall some of the lost data… but sometimes it is slightly different than before… I think the more kids you have the more they evolve…. They become more active and daring in their toddler activities.

Leah is definitely my biggest challenge so far (thank goodness the memory clear did not have time to activate after Leah’s birth and I had the factory permanently shut down) Leah has no fear, she is an amazing climber an im sure she could put some monkeys to shame with her skills.Be it a table or chair, even the outside gate is no challenge for Leah, if she gets the right grip its up she goes…. We have not yet mastered the how “to get down” part but she knows I am nothing more that a scream away and we have successfully completed many rescue missions where we safely returned Leah to mother earth after an attempted  “Leah climb to the moon” moment. (That is what Leah would say while she is climbing the safety gate at grandma’s house)

Running is another loved activity, I’m sure most LP moms will agree, speed will never be a issue for our children and Leah can do zero to a hundred in about a split second!!!! 🙂   Only thing is the faster she goes the more she leans forward and it always ends up with a fall involving a tummy splat or a forehead boo-boo. I do hope that as she gains more understanding of her body proportions she will learn to take things slowly, but for know I run as well… and there are times (im not ashamed to admit) I just cant catch her. We are amazed at how she handles the corners at top speed. Daddy says she must have a built in stabilizer and she must be fitted with power steering and ABS breaks to allow for fast action stopping when Mommy yells “NO RUNNING IN THE HOUSE”

Last but not least…. The toddler vocabulary, Leah has jumped ahead and is tipping in at adult conversation category. We really enjoy chatting, she is so expressive during a conversation and every word is were it should be in a sentence. She can be very demanding and often feels the need to say “Why you so slow… I’m hungry” while I prepare her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We do have our giggles when she calls her sisters “silly girls” because  they sometimes put her out their bedroom as she tends to disrupt their “Big girl” talks. Every night before bed Leah will give each family member a hug and a  kiss followed by a  “Leah loves you soooooo much” whisper in the ear. My good night ritual usually gets followed with a “Mommy find my dummy”(pacifier) because as grown up as Leah may seem she dose not see the necessity to part ways with her pacifier just yet and I don’t mind at all, …  after all when it come to my girls they will always be my babies…..

3 thoughts on “The Things Toddlers do….

  1. What a great post! Leah sounds very much like Preston who will climb everything and anything he can. And running-oh I am so happy you can admit you cannot catch up either! She is so precious. I love that she whispers in everyone’s ear. How precious is she?

  2. Crack me up – “Leah climb to the moon”!! Simon would have a blast with Leah! He too seems to have no fear when it comes to climbing and has definitely made me feel like my heart is going to jump out of my chest at times!
    I love her Daddy’s description of her mechanics – haha! Simon seems to have more and more bumps and bruises lately from his running and falling, but he just keeps on going!
    I can just imagine your conversations with Leah! I absolutely love her bedtime routine – super sweet!!
    Your girls are so beautiful – love the pictures!!

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