Just being me……..

Its been a hectic past few weeks at home, work seems to be busy and I like that because the days seems to fly past, nothing worse than a dragging work day. The other thing I have realized is that we are way past the half mark of the year!!!! Wow pretty soon it will be time to dust off the old Christmas trimmings!!!

Leah has been doing really well over the past few weeks its been a good winter with not much colds to deal with and her physical development is just phenomenal. She has become our little miss chatterbox, with some new personality traits. I have noticed that she loves being the center of attention!!!!! And she love to socialize with the older age group, now when I say older Im not talking 4 or 5 lets jump ahead to 17-21. How all of this came about is quite funny, usually Leah goes into quiet mode when we are not around familiar faces, but recently she just came out of her shell and is now the party queen.

Recently my niece Cleo celebrated her17th birthday and besides having all the family over to celebrate… it was all the young friends who joined in the celebration well. We had four age groups dominating the get-together, we had the adults , teenagers, 6 –13 years and our little toddlers which would be Leah’s category. She however decided other wise and joined the teenagers who welcomed her with open arms. She chatted, sang Beyonce’ songs… (Leah loves Beyonce) danced and shook her little behind, posed for pictures like a celebrity and dished out hugs to just about all the young guys, yes my little Leah worked the room, and now she is the cell phone screen saver of most of the party girls and boys because to them she is just the cutest, free spirited little girl they have ever come across… There is a twist to this whole story Leah in turn got all the sweets and cakes and soda she could possibly eat from her adoring fans this uncontrolled eating frenzy lead to her being on the best sugar trip ever!!! She has formed a new fan base of friends because they (the teenage party crew) have asked her to visit soon because they miss her so much.

Best of all, they got to learn so much about dwarfism and we made them understand that the “M” word was a NO-NO. I’m sure they took every word to heart and realized that even though she looks different she was just the same as every other little 2 year old, and as the day moved on I could see that her dwarfism didn’t really matter in the end they were just enjoying Leah.

The rest of the family just sat back and wondered were did our quiet little mouse go!!!! I guess she decided its time to break out!!! Well we just had a good laughed because she really was the light of the party and I hope that when she is older she won’t allow anything to get her down, she is such a happy child and she somehow manages to make everyone around her love her for who she is. I’m sure she is going to be the life and soul of many more parties to come.

So I leave you with Leahs new photo look…..

5 thoughts on “Just being me……..

  1. Awww!!! How sweet! I love that she likes Beyonce! Sonya is all about “Single Ladies” and even sings the “Uh uh oh” part! Our cuties would probably be a stitch together dancing it up to Beyonce! I bet she had the best time ever! Glad to hear that all is well!

  2. Its sounds like you could be describing Fern. I think that what is taken away in height is given back in the fantastic personality and happy nature that out children have:) Fern dances shaking her butt too….soooo cute:)

  3. It is just amazing how kids can change seemingly before our eyes. I imagine it wont be too long before Tori is shaking her little touche to Beyonce too. With all the butt shaking gals on here we could have our very own “Pussy Kitten Dolls”….

  4. Leah is adorable. Preston is very into Beyonce lately and has been shaking his “booty.” Why is it that kids prefer to be with the older age groups? It sounds like the entire day was a success. Leah must have enjoyed her sugar high!!!

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