I am disappointed , “Hayden DOES NOT SUFFER FROM Dwarfism”…..the reporter who wrote this should really sharpen her skills…Does he look like he is suffering?…But what is sad is that this is not the first time and it wont be the last time this happens. I don’t blame the children, because children can be cruel, but children learn by example. In this case the Principle has failed dismally in making a change, he could have changed the mind-set of the children in his school, he could have instilled pride into his students by making them aware of difference , by teaching them acceptance, by putting a stop to ignorance…. he could have done all of this but instead he chose to say that this child does not belong in main stream society, he could have taking 5min of his time to finds out more about this child’s condition on google,  but he said this  the child needs a “school for mentally disabled kids” he needs a “more suitable school”…. and the Western Cape Education Department says “They are aware of the situation”  as if that’s of much help. Does he even know what a bully is? He obviously does not care… as the old saying goes “OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND”, this is why stigmas and ignorance grows How do we expect change to happen when you are left with IGNORANCE  in charge…. What if his child was this little boy?

raising l

Rub a dub,dub is that Leah in the tub?

Leah just loves bath time, but she absolutely hate it when she gets water onto her face!!!! So we have quite a situation on our hands. We have to make sure there is a dry face towel at hand to catch the facial splashes…….. And washing Leah’s hair is a special task on its own…..

Loving the bath

It involves the whole family……. Dad holds Leah, Simone and Nicole provide the live entertainment in the form of singing and dancing, and I have perfected the art of rinsing hair to round about 40 seconds…………….. The things we have to do…… I sometimes wonder what the neighbors must think!!

lets taste the bath water

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