Rub a dub,dub is that Leah in the tub?

Leah just loves bath time, but she absolutely hate it when she gets water onto her face!!!! So we have quite a situation on our hands. We have to make sure there is a dry face towel at hand to catch the facial splashes…….. And washing Leah’s hair is a special task on its own…..

Loving the bath

It involves the whole family……. Dad holds Leah, Simone and Nicole provide the live entertainment in the form of singing and dancing, and I have perfected the art of rinsing hair to round about 40 seconds…………….. The things we have to do…… I sometimes wonder what the neighbors must think!!

lets taste the bath water

I would love to post a picture of your little one on Leah’s blog so feel free to e-mail me a picture of your baby to , we have created a real family of precious friends and Im sure Tonya (Knoahs mom) and myself, and the rest of our blogging family would love to see our family grow …….

5 thoughts on “Rub a dub,dub is that Leah in the tub?

  1. What are you bathing her in? I have a old claw foot tub and my back is killing me! Knoah hates his baths! It’s like he is scared of them?!

  2. I found you through a wordpress page. I was like that when I was young. I could not stand water in my face or for my hair to be washed. For years my mother would lay me on the kitchen counter (back down) and wash my hair like that in the kitchen sink. It kept water out of my face and was easy on her back! The things mother’s do.

  3. I am so thankful I wrote about my bathing drama!!!! Tonya I put that baby tub into the big tub and yes my back I would have to start a whole new blog to explain how my back feels, the hat thing looks like a great idea and the kitchen counter would mean that I wont have to hunch over the bath!!!!

    Thanks guys now how do I get her to sleep through the night!!!! 🙂

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