What makes October so special

Its October! and its a very special month for all LP’s and POLP their families and friends, and its a extra special month for the Kay family because its Leah’s birthday month, can you believe that our Little Leah will soon be celebrating her 8th Birthday in the month of October which happens to be Dwarfism Awareness Month!!!
Although things are still the same in South Africa as far as recognition for Dwarfism, we as always will continue to raise awareness and share Leah with the world and we hope that someday things will change for us, we hope that more LP’s and POLP citizens of South Africa will step out and be active in raising awareness, but for now we will wear our green ribbons with pride and celebrate our beautiful little Leah Kay.
So from all of us in South Africa and all our Raising Leah followers we wish our LP families every success while we continue to educate the world about Dwarfism!

2 thoughts on “What makes October so special

  1. Hey

    I am 40 year dwarf from Durban, I’m so impressed of what you trying to raise here on your blog unfortunately dwarfism in SA. We are recognise yet like many states I have met friend who are also little people ones he’s from Kenya and one she’s from USA Miss Curran. We could able to form a organization for us here like they did, I was told in December there will be Conference in Kenya discussing issues and also raising awereness. Please let stay in touch to put this drive.


    TL Mweli

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