Big day for our big girl

Leah is about to embark on a new journey, it’s a brand new start to her life and it’s a whole new start for me as well. We will be starting main stream school, it’s no longer the protective environment of pre-school it’s a step up to a “not so enclosed” environment, it’s a step into a word were she will be advancing academically and it’s the start  of learning how to live and deal with the “tall” world.

Now I know it may seem like I’m being dramatic, but this is my platform to be true and honest, I am very emotional at thought of this event and yes this is not the first child I’m sending off to school but this  time it’s a bit different not just for me but for our whole family. This is Leah, our little girl who changed everything about our lives from the moment she took her first breath.

One of my weaknesses in life is where I tend to think ahead of time and I find myself stressing about all the “what if moments” and inevitably nothing really happens. On a recent shopping trip some kids stopped to point and make fun of Leah, the look in her eyes made me feel as if someone had stuck their hand through my chest and ripped out my heart, but I had to suck it up and remind her that she is beautiful and she shouldn’t worry about what people do or say. It’s these moments that make me develop “sending Leah to school anxiety” but as much as I hate to admit it, it’s these moments that is going to be part of her life and now is the time she will start to learn how to deal with these situations without me being there.

I wish I could protect her from everything that it’s hurtful but I know that this is not possible. I do believe a sheltered life is not going to make her a very productive adult in future, she has to go and grow in the world made for tall people, and I have to let go and make sure I always remind her that she is awesome and beautiful and she can do anything she sets her mind to. I will be sure to take lots to pictures and post them for all to see but for now… Wish me luck 🙂


5 thoughts on “Big day for our big girl

  1. You speak true words of wisdom. What you teach her now will be a wonderful foundation for her in the rest of her life. Sadly, at times, one has to be cruel to be kind.

  2. As charms I can imagine what you are going through. Leah is beautiful. I pray this new chapter in her life is filled with happiness. If there hiccups, god’s going to give her the strength to get over them. I love this picture and yes I want to see pictures of her in school.
    All the best angel!

  3. Charms, you have grounded her so well with your love and calmness… She might hurt from time to time but she will grow stronger every day… She already knows how to speak her mind so she will out them in their place. Be at peace my friend … The real world IS also kind. The good Lord has given her the gift of confidence and intelligence- don’t worry

  4. Thanks for the honesty, it’s comforting to know that I am not alone in my fears. I have a very young daughter 91/2 months. I worry all the time about the what if”s. Despite all the worries, I know it will be ok. Thanks for the update, and I wish Leah all the best. She is so beautiful and I have enjoyed learning and growing with her.

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