Just wait and see:)

And we are back, I have been really slack on the blogging so its time to get rolling once again and keep the updates going.

Last month Leah celebrated her 6th birthday, Yeah!!!!! I just cant believe that 6 years have gone by so fast. It feels like yesterday  when I was sitting on my hospital bed with this tiny baby in my arms and wondering “What now will we be Okay?”

Needless to say there was nothing to worry about, Leah has grown into a happy, healthy, beautiful little girl, and she has become so independent. She is doing so many things on her own, I love when she takes a bath and calls me saying “Mum I need your hands for the hard to reach places”. I know that she will let me know when she needs me, and I have stepped back to allow her independence to grow.

I have noticed that people staring at her does not bother her half as much as it bothered me, so I decided to ride on her energy, and react only when she tells me it upsets her. I realize me reacting at every awkward situation was actually making her uncomfortable and embarrassed. What I must remember is, she is no longer a baby and she does not need me to fight every battle for her,and as she is growing she is busy learning to cope with emotions and  to understand her feelings, and I need to respect her feelings.

 Best of all, I can see that nothing really gets Leah down, to be honest the times were Leah may have been sad are so few to mention, and when she is down or stressed she will let me know that she needs me to step in or just give her a cuddle. These moments remind me that I need to be her mum and not a warrior ready to battle evil all the time, she just needs me to love and support her and I’m happy and more content than ever. It took me 6 years to get to the point were I can truly say I’m Okay, and now when I think back to sitting on the hospital bed with my tiny baby, I’m sure Leah’s little hand gripping my finger was just her way of saying “Its all good mum we will be okay just you wait and see



6 thoughts on “Just wait and see:)

  1. Hi Charmaine, just discovered your blog as my husband and I have just decided that a main stream public school will probably be the best thing for our 4 year old son who has Achondroplasia. Lachie is currently in a very small private school environment but we feel that broader schooling will only benefit him in the long run. A very scary and brave move but a positive decision i hope. I’d love to know how Leah is settling in at school.. Jenny in Australia

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