What do you think of this??

What do you think of this………..? I don’t know what to think right now ………..but I have been bombarded by people sending me this link thinking I would see some kind of humour in it, and what confuses me the most is the OPRAH the queen of talk shows who has interviewed Little people on her show and knows exactly what they face from the ignorance of a few in society allows this to show on her network????? So I ask what do you think of this.

2 thoughts on “What do you think of this??

  1. I have never had a lot of respect for Rosie. I think she is inappropriate a lot of the time. However, though she may have been border line inappropriate in her deliverance, I feel that she is trying to portray an uneasy feeling about behaving the right way or saying the right things when she is around a little person. I do not know any little people, but just found out that my neice has achondroplasia. Though I love her dearly and don’t think I will ever treat her different than any other child, it is still a fear that one day I will say something that might be offensive without ever knowing it. Yes, people are ignorant, but it doesn’t always mean that we aren’t trying.

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