Much Appreciated

This post is dedicated to my local grocery store called Spa in Rosmead Avenue Cape Town Kenilworth.

 As most parents of LP will know, going out to public places can be daunting at times, in fact I think I mentioned this in a previous post I would go public with guns blazing ready to attack at any stare or comment!!! But as time moves on things get better and you just know that its no use trying to attack every ignorant comment or stare you just go about your day and do your thing and realize how blessed you are to be the parent of such a special little one J

 So today I thought I would start “Leah Friendship Hugs Awards” it our way of highlighting VERY special people who have made a difference in our lives.

 Our first award goes to “Spa Supermarket Kenilworth” for the past 5 years we have been doing our weekly grocery shopping at Spa, Its like being with one happy family as everyone knows you and we stop for the short chat then carry on. When I pregnant with Leah every visit to the store was filled with excitement and some even counted the weeks as they went by , when she was born her first grocery outing  was greeted by very enthusiastic staff who could not get a wait to get a glimpse of our new bundle of joy, and  as Leah grew older we told them that she had dwarfism and that she how it would affect her development  , but they were not bothered by this to them Leah was their “Little Friend”

 Now that Leah is 4 years old, she knows some of the  staff by name, she is always willing to hand out her weekly hugs and now and then they sneak a chocolate or 2, and when its grocery day Leah will always say “Am I going to my friends today?” and there are times when I sneak a trip on my own but I dare not let Leah know, as this would cause major problems for me… cause as she  says “ Mummy how could you leave me behind, what about my friends did they ask for me?”

 Some might say Im making a fuss about nothing, but when you have walked in my shoes it’s the LITTLE things that makes a big difference, and you see life through different eyes and you tend to  appreciate that there still are good caring people out there.

 So thank you to my local Spa store it warms my heart to know that you took the time to get to know Leah and im sure you have left a lasting impact on her little heart.

4 thoughts on “Much Appreciated

  1. Dear Leah’s Mom

    Thank you for such an inspiring compliment and for giving SPAR a Leah Friendship Hug Award!

    We are currently runnining a competition to find the true stories of what makes My SPAR special and you can win R2000 worth of groceries. Please enter your amazing story at or look out for the postcard entry forms in store. You could even be featured in our next ad and what great publicity that would be for educating the public about dawfism!

    Good Luck
    Janeen Burton-Pye
    Customer Care Controller
    031 7191892

  2. Love it! How amazing! I feel bad that you have more issues in South Africa then we have in the US. We have jerks, but they are few and far between. Just know that your fight is so appreciated by us because you are fighting an even tougher battle. Hugs to you and Leah!

  3. Love the idea of “Leah Friendship Hugs Awards”!! As Kim said, I’m sorry that you have so many more issues with ignorance in South Africa than we do in the US! You are a strong mom, and Leah is blessed to have you fighting these battles for her! I completely agree that it’s the LITTLE things that make a big difference!! Sending hugs!!

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