Feel it…it is here……..

How exciting………………………………….

It is a really exciting time for South Africa in fact it is history in the making, we are currently hosting the World Cup Soccer and the atmosphere is simply electrifying, It almost seems as if South Africans have set their differences aside and united as one nation to welcome the world to our beautiful country. This is something we will remember for the rest of our lives and I’m thankful that we as a family are able to be part of this amazing time for South Africa.

So as you can expect there is loads of exciting thing happing in our country …but at the same time there is loads of exciting things happing for “Dwarfism Awareness South Africa” and “Raising Leah” as well. When I started this blog it was a way for me to express my feelings and to let others know that our family is just like any other family out there, and having a child with a “physical difference” is in no way a curse or something to be ashamed of, we opened our home to the world to show others that, love and determination can overcome any obstacle that is set on your path, all you have to do is fight for what you believe in.

Because of the blog we have had articles printed in 4 leading South African parenting magazines, 1 community newspaper which is distributed across the whole of Cape Town. I am currently challenging the South African Human Right Commission over the use of derogatory terminology (M word) being used on live radio broadcast as I have found that this violates the law of discrimination against people with disabilities and we have just finished an awareness article for another leading child parenting magazine scheduled to go to print in August.

Now for the big news… we might soon go national with Leah and some other LP friends as we are being filmed for a leading investigations and medical research television program. The aim of the documentary is to break the negativity surrounding little people living in South Africa and Leah and the blog will be one of the families featured in this documentary. So needless to say I am floating on a cloud because it seems like all that I believe and fight for is becoming a reality. So keep your fingers crossed and let’s hope the pitch goes well

When Leah was born I vowed I would fight for her equality, and I would raise her to know that she can achieve anything in life. Recently someone called me a Dwarfism awareness activist, so maybe I am but at the end of the day its all for Leah, and our family would not have it any other way, Leah has taught us that if you believe and fight for it, you can achieve it …all it takes is DETERMINATION.

7 thoughts on “Feel it…it is here……..

  1. You are doing wonderful work, you are showing others the path of love, equality, and acceptance. Yes, you doing it for Leah but also others like our kids will benefit from your actions, especially in South Africa where life of person with challenges is not easy. This is great that you are raising such a great interest! People will hear you, they already do and perhaps they will think as most of them are not mean, just uneducated on our hot, dwarfism subject! You are an amazing woman Charmaine and I support you with all my heart. I hope that one day Amelia and Leah will meet! I hope we will see you here in the States one day! Best of luck!

  2. Well done Charmaine
    You have a fantastic role raising awareness in South Africa. Whenever we watch the World Cup we think of your family – we just love the slide show photos of Leah – she is growing ever more beautiful.
    If you ever come to England we must meet.
    With love
    Theo’s grandma

  3. I finally have been able to get on your blog. for some reason at work it freezes. I read the two latest entries. I have to share that Trisha (Caden’s mom), Jaime (Caty’s mom) and I were chatting about the kids’ memories. I wonder if it is an achon thing (bigger head, slightly larger brain anatomy) and I am floored at how many of our kids have this amazing almost uncanny ability to remember slight details. Preston floors me with his memory. He is also OCD and has to have everything just so. This is very interesting to me that the kids all remember so well.
    Kudos to you and your dwarfism awareness for South Africa. I think we have taken things for granted in America. Although the m word is used, those ignorant people are few and far between.
    You are amazing. You are the best mommy to Leah. Who by the way gets more adorable as the years go on!

  4. Charmaine you rock!!!! I am way beyond excited for you and all you are doing to raise awesome awareness! Keep up the hard work, it is definitely paying off in a HUGE way!!!! Congrats and hugs!!!

  5. I really enjoy your blog it makes me more aware of what my parent’s experience of raising me might be like. I think dwarfism awareness activism is important but I would like to see more people crossing over and different disability groups uniting for disability awareness and activism across the board. I find that by different communities uniting under the proud umbrella of disability we can better advocate for change… or at least I hope so…

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