The little tricycle tour

We recently had a very exciting weekend, We decided to have Leah take part in the Pick and Pay Argus tricycle tour, this is quite a big event in South Africa particularly Cape Town as it the lead up to the big Argus Cycle tour, which usually hosts about 38,000 cyclist who range from professional to those who just do it for love.

This year Cape Town had the pleasure of having Lance Armstrong take part in the tour, so needless to say I saw it as the perfect time to splash out with some “Dwarfism Awareness”

Leah was lucky enough to be sponsored by some good family friends with a Helmet, and a personalized sweater proudly displaying what we as a family stood for. She took part in the 1.5km tricycle tour and although her little legs are not able to reach the pedals just yet she had the full support of daddy who proudly pushed our little bug to the finish line. She was awarded a medal for her participation, and was clearly proud of her achievement and decided to wear it for the rest of the day. It was really emotional for us a s a family because to us it was more than just participating in a fun race, It went far deeper than that, we were there for a cause, we were there to let others see that Leah and all kids that may have physical challenges can achieve anything their heart desires, and more importantly it was teaching Leah that she is a brave, beautiful little girl who has the ability to do great things in life.

As daddy pushed Leah across the finish line I could not hold back the tears, the look of achievement on her little face is a picture that will stay with me for the rest of my life, and it seems the tricycle tour turned into much more for our family, it was as if we bonded a bit more and became aware of how much love Leah has brought into our lives.

The positive that comes out of this is I know that Leah captured many hearts, and I had lots of people asking what “Dwarfism awareness” was about. So if we managed to touch a few hearts it’s a start, ironically things always seem start  small but in the end it could turn into something big, and hopefully it can make a difference one day.

2 thoughts on “The little tricycle tour

  1. Go Leah! I’m beaming just from your description of Leah’s pride in her accomplishment! Great pictures, looks like a great day for a trike race and your family!

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