Strength in numbers

It’s November!!!!!!! I’m a little shocked as to how fast this year has flown by. I often find myself asking, “so what have you accomplished” because it seems as if time just wasn’t enough to do all the things I had planned!!!!!

At the moment I am fully focused on getting little people of South Africa off the ground. We would love to have more LP Families join our group but in South Africa it’s hard to break the stigma of embracement and self blame. People tend to get stuck in a phase of isolation. They shy away and they feel content living in the “ignorance is bliss” world, I know why they do this it boils down to one thing “FEAR” and I understand how they feel because like them I was griped with fear. It’s hard dealing with things that you can’t control or change. It’s even harder when it’s your child. I guess isolation is like nature’s way of creating a sense of protection.

My breakthrough came when Leah was about 3 months old, I realized that I have been consuming my life with my own grief and no mater how much I wanted to protect her, I wasn’t doing her any good by not knowing what Achondroplasia was all about. In order for me to make informed decisions about her health and well-being I needed to educate myself because knowledge is power. I had to accept that Leah is a Dwarf and it’s something I can’t change.

Today we don’t see the condition we see LEAH KAY (who has become quite a handful over the past few weeks LOL). One day she is going to go out there and take on the world just like everybody else, and I know she is going to be just fine.

Because there were no support groups for Dwarfism in South Africa at that time the Internet became my recourse center. I fortunately met the right people who helped me by sharing the right information, because as you know there is some scary information floating out in cyber space. I feel that support is of vital importance as we can learn so much from each other. I would love to see families rise above their situation and instill a sense of confidence and independence in their children. I don’t want them to feel alone because you are most certainly not alone. It’s important for your child knows that they are not alone and that there are other kids just like them. I believe your child can achieve anything they set their mind to with your support, motivation and willpower.

So I’m gonna lay it out for you. Is this your own fears that you are struggling with? And if it is your fear… can you truly encourage your LP child to believe he or she has the ability to make his dreams become a reality. Our kids are what is important right now so let’s make this group work. Let’s grow “Dwarfism Awareness” in South Africa. There is strength in numbers.

I am Leah Kay

I am Leah Kay

3 thoughts on “Strength in numbers

  1. Char – Leah is absolutely beautiful! I think that it’s so incredible that you are getting your group going. You’re most definitely right, there is strength in numbers!

  2. Leah is a beauty. I can understand you had more fears perhaps because of where you live. there are a lot of resources in the US and the acceptance is better. We all struggled in the beginning. But I think watching our kids grow into these amazing independent people is what has dispelled those fears. I applaud you for getting the South Africa LPA off the ground!

  3. Leah Kay is so beautiful!! I love hearing about all that you are doing to grow Dwarfism Awareness in South Africa! I hope more and more families are inspired by you and your family and can let go of their fears of raising a child with dwarfism! I agree too – there is strength in numbers!

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