Dwarfism Awareness month in South Africa

It saddens me that dwarfism is not of much importance in South Africa

I think its great that Little People of America has officially announced October as Dwarfism Awareness month, and in the spirit of wanting to raise awareness in South Africa I have decided to declare it   Dwarfism Awareness month in South Africa . I figure why not join in the fun and go out full force and try to decreases  the ignorance that still runs deep South Africa today. Little people have as much right to life and respect as any other “normal” person.

I would like you to meet beautiful little Alex Pasqualli who lives in Cape Town , she is an amazing little girl, with a big heart and I think her parents are doing an amazing job. So in the spirit of Dwarfism Awareness month I decided to post this video so everyone has a chance to meet Alex and at the same time you get to see  the beauty of Africa that surround us. Every word  in this video is so true, and I pray that someday all this will change.

7 thoughts on “Dwarfism Awareness month in South Africa

  1. What a great awareness post! Alex is an amazing girl and her story is inspiring! The video was so beautiful! Here’s to spreading dwarfism awareness! P.S. I recognized the little guy at 5:53 in the video! Jake’s mom is on my support group for children with Osteogenesis Imperfecta!

  2. What an amazing photo montage and video. Alex is a beautiful girl and I hope this message reaches all corners of the world. Your country is gorgeous. I am so happy that you put up this video!

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