Sleeping in Heaven

Death is never an easy topic to deal with and some tend to shy away from it completely. Danielle’s passing has had a profound effect on our family. I will always remember the first time we met her and her family, we were so excited and Leah had found her first little friend who lived not to far from home.

I have been doing some thinking over the past few days and I realize that sometimes we tend to take life for granted and we forget just how fragile we are. Sometimes we live our lives so energetically  we often  miss out on the little things because we are to busy to see those special moments, like the feel of the wind on your skin or the cute sound a baby makes when they stretch after a long nap. Sometimes we let our thoughts  become consumed with all the things that go wrong in our lives, when in actual fact we should try to reflect on the good and simple things then only do you realize how luck you actually are.

The loss of a child has to be the most devastating situation a family has to deal with, how do you fill the emptiness? I don’t think you ever do, but I do believe in time it will fill with happy tears and soft smiles, because they somehow live on in our memories.

Heather (Danielle’s mom) said something to me the Sunday after Danielle passed away “How does someone you love so much get ripped out of your life so suddenly” I don’t think we will ever get the answer to that question, but I do know that in everything there is a greater plan, and even though we only got to enjoy Danielle for 1 year…. it was a perfect year that God had planned for her life. Leah has a little ritual that we have to go through every evening before she goes to bed, she will name every person she can think of and ask if they are sleeping… and when we get to Danielle she smiles and says “Danielle’s sleeping in heaven” and you know what my little tot!!! You are so right… that is where Danielle and all our other little friends who have passed on are…. safe in heaven and always in your heart.

5 thoughts on “Sleeping in Heaven

  1. A beautiful post! I agree that we realize how lucky we are when we stop to reflect on the good and simple things in our lives. Leah is an amazing little girl and how sweet that she says that Danielle is sleeping in heaven! I do hope that Danielle’s parents have happy tears and soft smiles soon! They continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. My heart is heavy reading this. There are no answers and that is the hardest thing! Danielle was a precious angel who will now watch over everyone but yes, it’s tragic and horrible that she was brought here and so loved only to be taken away way too soon. It makes me appreciate everything in life-you are right-this fall the crisp smell of the air should be more enjoyed instead of taken for granted!

  3. I am crying reading your post and I pray for Danielle’s family. We know that Danielle is happy in Heaven but w have to be strong here on earth…There is nothing worse than to lose child like that, so suddenly. I also believe that there is a greater plan and there is destiny for all of us. Praying for comfort, and peace for the family – Kasia

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