For Danielle ….

It is with a broken heart I post of the unexpected passing of Danielle Bougard.

Heather, Danielle’s  mother notified us on Friday evening. Danielle held a very special place in my heart and she was especially special to Leah.

I send out my deepest sympathy to Richard, Heather and the rest of the family and we pray that God will comfort you during this difficult time.

We love you always our precious little

Danielle Maisie Anne Bougard

12 of July 2008 – 17 July 2009



Danielle's little Hand

Danielle's little Hand

9 thoughts on “For Danielle ….

  1. Charmaine~

    My heart is heavy with sadness for Danielle’s family, you and Leah…
    Sending you hugs.

    ~Kim Baker

  2. May the Lord, The Comforter, hold Heather and Richard in His loving arms and stregthen them in this time…. Love Myrtle, Wayne & Joel

  3. Every time I hold my boy Ben I realize that Heather and Richard’s loss is more than any human can endure. Let God carry you until you have the strength to go on. You are brilliant parents and Danielle so lucky to have you.

  4. It’s such a tragedy. It is just so unfair. My heart and prayers go our to Danielle’s family. I hope they can try to find some comfort in knowing their little angel is watching over them. I cannot even begin to imagine their pain.

  5. I stumbled onto your blog when you introduced Danielle to the WWW, I am a friend of H&R’s, devastating news, No words, only love.

  6. I am so saddened by this news. My heart goes out to Danielle’s family, you and Leah. I will keep you in my prayers. Danielle was an incredibly beautiful child.

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