What have I been up too…..

It’s been very busy over the past few weeks and I must admit that I have neglected the blog a wee bit!!! But here we are back on track. Besides being busy and finding myself utterly exhausted at the end of the day, it’s been pretty good in the Kay household.

Leah is growing up so fast and becoming a “little miss madam”, her vocabulary has multiplied by leaps and bounds, so there is no way that we can misinterpreted what she is saying to us. She has become very demanding in her requests, a prime example will be wanting her bottle, if she does not get her bottle within 5 seconds of her asking for it, she will go into the “I want my milky, I want my milky, repeat myself over and over mode” But I, have developed the “blank out repeat mode” where I don’t hear the moaning…. I figured it’s the only way she is going to learn that sometimes you need to be patient in life.

She has gone into the doll-playing phase, and just loves wrapping the doll in a blanket and singing the dolly to sleep, and of course all the dolls are named Leah. Leah has developed a love for cleaning as well, so dusting (the same spot for about 15min) sweeping and drying dishes (the non- breakables) are amongst her favorite tasks. Recently she has decided it would be fine to refer to Mommy and Daddy on a first name basis, I do remember Simone and Nicole doing the same so Im not too concerned, as this too will pass (I hope).

There are a few bigger issues that need to be addressed.  First is the dreaded potty, there has been lots of potty advice doing the rounds on the blogs and I absolutely enjoyed all the stories and advice, but for us it’s a firm NO right now, Leah has told me that she “no go potty” (with anger I might add) so I guess its no use forcing the issue, she dose however enjoy wearing her undies over the diaper. Second would be the bottle and the pacifier issue. Our home (grandma as well) is stocked with at least 5 pacifiers, even with all this back up stock we often find ourselves working as a team crawling on all fours searching for the pacifier, while in the background not to far away we can hear Leah screaming her lungs out “pretty much like the day she was born” I would compare her pacifier to the mute button on our television remote there are times that the volume needs to be turned down and Leah seems to have no concept of volume, and sometimes mom needs some quiet time to reflect…..  I’m still not quite sure what I am reflecting on… 🙂

The biggest of all issues we are trying to overcome will have to be the “bed”… Leah has found our bed to be very comfortable…that means between mom and dad is very comfortable. I sometimes wonder how this little body manages to use most of the bed space?? Ashley and myself have developed the art of sleeping “on the edge” and sometimes when we do roll into “Leah area” she does not hesitate to ask us to  “ move… me squashy”. She does fall asleep in her own bed, but she somehow has a built in “mom and dad are in bed detector” so the most time we have to make full use of the bed space is about 10min, after our 10 min bed stretch we will feel Leah climbing her way up the foot end and eventually takes her position smack bang in the center. So on this issue I would like to know if there are other “middle sleepers” out there… maybe I will feel better knowing that im not alone, or maybe someone can tell me how to get her to sleep in her own bed!!!!

Last but not least, and also the cutest…Leah has also been taking note of all the girly things that happen around her on a daily basis and she just loves to Re-enact what she has seen, sometimes I wonder if we have a little Makeup artist in the making….

6 thoughts on “What have I been up too…..

  1. oh my word leah sounds exactly like my daughter suaad!!!
    first the dummy is a story and we are forever looking for it. she goes nowhwere without it and even has perfected the art of speaking with it in her mouth!
    suaad wraps her dolls in the blanky and baba doedoe the whole day.
    she also falls asleep/ goes to bed in her cot but maximum 20 minutes and then it’s mom and dad’s bed. right in the middle horizontally! so one gets kicked in the neck and the other’s ears are grabbed!she just loves playing with people’s ears.
    i guess our kids are not so different after all!

  2. Ok Leah and Preston sound a lot alike. Preston loves referring to me as “Kim.” Or if he is annoyed we go with the full on “Kimberly.” Preston is not allowed in my bed with the exception of Saturday and Sunday early mornings so we can get a few more hours in. Sometimes he comes into my room on a weekday to play, but no bed. It’s very hard but he never really slept with me. Insofar as the potty-that will come in time-I know it is frustrating, but remember it is one thing they can always control so they hold the cards. Annoying-I know!
    The dreaded pacifier-Preston only uses his at night time or if he is napping. I try to limit it. He will be 4 in December so we have to try to start weaning him off of it. It is really hard.
    As always, Leah is a doll-what a girly girl! So cute!

  3. Hang in there, we’ve been going through some of the same things with Cole. 😉 Love the new pics, Leah is adorable! She makes me want a little girl someday!!

  4. Ohh – I havent been referred to as Anthea yet, but Tori does call my dad Peter and she did go through a faze of calling Ray, Ray….it is/was really quite funny. As for the pacifier and potty….are you sure that you didnt come into my house one night and write about us????? Leah and Tori sound soooo alike it isnt funny! And the dolls – isnt it just the cutest thing to watch…?

  5. Leah sounds like she is full of personality and determination! She is so adorable – love the pictures!! That is great that her vocabulary is just taking off!
    Good luck with the potty, pacifier, and bedtime! Like Kim said, unfortunately, the kids hold the cards when it comes to potty training. I’ve been fortunate with Simon so far in that he loves praise, which he gets a lot of fun when he goes potty – I just hope it lasts til he is completely potty trained. As far as taking up the middle of the bed, Simon does so on the weekends sometimes too, and we also have become edge huggers as our little boy seems to expand in his sleep. 🙂 We are working on breaking this habit before baby #2 arrives in Sept, so if I come up with any helpful tips, I’ll pass them along.

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