Farewell Goldie…..

When Leah was about 5 months old, we decided to get 2 Goldfish for Nicole and Simone. I clearly remember our trip to the pet store and how the girls spent hours trying to choose 2 fish from an aquarium that must have contained hundreds of the little creatures, but eventually a decision was made and so we welcomed Goldie 1 and Goldie 2 as our new family pets. Last year while I was away in Hong Kong I returned home from my trip I found the fish tank  only contained Goldie 2, I was told that Goldie 1 had mysteriously passed away, and from what we were told by Dad its was peaceful departure. We moved on …and Goldie 2 worked through the grief and after a few days had become her usual “happy fish personality” again.

This past week we noticed that Goldie 2 had started to behave strangely, she seemed less happy and excited, she would stop swimming and stare into space and I knew from those signs that it would only be a matter of time and we would have to bid farewell to our little fish friend. So I prepped the girls so that it would not be to hard to handle and they spoke to Goldie every night during her last days.

Friday morning we woke to find that Goldie had slipped away peacefully during the night… and we decided seen that we never got to say goodbye to Goldie 1 we would do the right thing and  give Goldie 2 a honorary Goldfish farewell…..

Leah at 5 months old with Godie 1 & 2

Leah at 5 months old with Godie 1 & 2

A sad last moment

A sad last moment

Leah saying goodbye to her fish friend

Leah saying goodbye to her fish friend

Goldie makes her journey down the porcelain express to fishy heaven

Goldie makes her journey down the porcelain express to fishy heaven

5 thoughts on “Farewell Goldie…..

  1. I don’t mean to laugh, but the way you wrote this just is so cute and funny at the same time-fishy heaven-the bouncing back of Goldie after the first fish died. You are a funny lady! I am glad Leah and the girls took the death ok. By the way did Leah get a haircut? Her hair looks fabulous!

  2. What a cute posting. We too have a little goldie and unfortunately, there will most likely be some sort of a ceremonial goodbye like this when he sadly departs.

  3. Cute post! We have a few goldfish in fishy heaven, but Simon was too young to understand yet. That’s great that the girls did so well with Goldie 1 and Goldie 2 passing on. Couldn’t help but laugh at the cuteness of “journey down the porcelain express”!

  4. Hi, I just happened to stumble upon your website and I think your daughter is absolutely precious. I think that you are doing a great thing by sharing your life stories with the world and teaching everyone that although we may not all look the same, we all have big hearts and the power to love and be loved.

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