Lost friendship and broken trust….

Over the past few months, I had been receiving some ugly comments on Leah’s blog…. the person sending them was not to clued up on how blog comments worked because little did she know that I have to moderate them first before they could be viewed by the reader… Unfortunately I was still subjected to reading what this sick person had to say about my family and especially about Leah.

I remember sending an e-mail to Tonya (Knoahs mom) asking her if she had ever been in this situation. I initially thought it was as sick person like the one who had stolen pictures from the LPOA site to create that nasty website aimed to poke fun at people with dwarfism… I tried to trace the e-mail address  were the comments were coming from with the help of a very clued up  computer whizz  friend, he concluded that it was someone in South Africa but that was the only information he could come up with.I decided to  e-mail  the address and  to all my friends with the hope that they might recognize it from somewhere.

You decided to forward a joke to a few friends from this “spare” e-mail and that’s when I received the call early Sunday morning informing me that I do in fact know who the user of the e-mail adress is and the joke was copied to me as proof…. So I went onto my facebook account to announced that I had finally traced to sick person who was commenting on Leah’s blog “I was shocked that you called me to ask who it was  when you knew very well you were the culprit …

This is for you MY SO CALLED  friend

• You called me “An attention seeker”
• You mentioned that there will always be “employment for M*#%ts at the circus as they are good for a laugh”
• You said that I should go to the vet and ask them to “Put my broken bird down”
• You said “stay away from sharp object her “fat head” might pop

The wont post any more as some comments are really graphic….

Dear Friend
I trusted you, I confided in you, you held Leah in your arms  when she was just 3hrs old… you said she was special and called her your little butterfly.

When I asked you why you did this you said, “Im tired of seeing Leah get all the attention and my child is always ignored when she was around.”???????????

Did you ever stop to think that it’s not the type of attention you think it is!!!!!!!!
Leah has to go through a lifetime of nasty stares and comments were as you will walk through the mall not having to hear “Oh shame she’s so small” “Oh look at here big head”
Dear friend I know you will read this…. my only regret is that I trusted you and I wish I never did. I guess its true when they say,
“Your lies will catch up with you”

I wish you and your family well and I hope you don’t do this to someone else because you will never know how much you hurt me.

15 thoughts on “Lost friendship and broken trust….

  1. Charmaine!
    OMG this is awful! I am SO sorry you had to endure this pain from a “friend”! What an AWFULLY RUDE Person ~ Truly AMAZING!

  2. Charmaine, I’m so sorry to hear about this. WOW. I think your “friend” may need some help. I just don’t know what to say but that my heart drops to hear of such distaste. It takes a special person to raise such amazing and special children in this world. I was bullied much of my childhood for looking thin and now I fear bullying for my LP son. I hope this “friend” is not a parent, they don’t seem fit for being one. You are an amazing mom & person and have been chosen to raise a special child who will enrich the lives of so many people around her. Bless you. LOVE, Katie.

  3. I hope she reads your comments… and yes she is a mother can you believe that a adult can behave in such a childish manner?? I did lots of thinking before I did this post I thought it would be a mistake but I think people need to know just how twisted some people really are.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear that you had to read such awful comments from someone that you once trusted. My heart aches to read this post, especially since you mentioned that this so-called friend held Leah in her arms when Leah was just 3 hours old. I can’t believe someone that is a mother herself could ever say such things about any other child. You are an amazing mom, and Leah is absolutely adorable and has so much to offer the world! Our kids are special blessings!

  5. Char, I am VERY, VERY proud of you!! This message to your friend is very appropriate! It is too bad she ruined her friendship with you as she was the one who could have gained from your family and Leah. Now, sadly, she will be alone.

    I am glad this has come to an end for you! I do remember you emailing me, several times asking if this has happened. For me, it has not, but then again, it doesn’t mean it won’t. The person you knew and trusted needs help, especially if she is jealous over a child. She could have leanred a few things from you, like understanding what a blessing is. Too bad she cannot see it in her own child!!


  6. I’m so sorry to hear that someone, let alone a “friend”, could be so very cruel. I am glad that you found out who it was so that you can cut her out of your life, and she is the one who will suffer the loss of your friendship, and the priveledge of seeing such a special girl (Leah is just beautiful!) grow up. Shame on her.

  7. Charmaine, I am so sorry to hear that you had to endure such horrible comments from a so called “friend”. This person definitely needs much help! I can’t imagine how deeply this has hurt you and my heart goes out to you! You are a wonderful mom to Leah who is such a beauty I bet she has stolen many worthy hearts! I hope this is the end of those disgusting comments! Sonya and I send you big warm hugs!

  8. I can’t believe how truly evil some people can be. Disgusting. So sorry you were betrayed like this. Leah is beautiful.

  9. Oh my gosh….your ex-friend is so misguieded and ignorant. I think your daughter is absolutely beautiful in every way.

  10. Oh wow! That is awful. What disgusting human being could ever be so hurtful and mean. I say you post their name and call them out. People like this don’t deserve such a warm, giving person such as yourself as a friend. People like this make me sick! Stay strong and know that you have so many other friends out there supporting you.

  11. Its hard to believe there are people like that out there. She is certainly not a friend. Keep strong, Leah is beautiful and you are a great mum. You are being very forgiving as Katie says by not posting her name. hope she reads all these comments and at least gives you a personnal apologies. Hugs to you all from me and Fern XXX

  12. I almost didn’t visit your site since I’m from the U.S. I’m glad I did today. How disgusting to know that someone we let so closely into our lives can be so vindictive. Those cold, sharp comments hit “us” hard. I hate to believe that there are still those amoung us that can be so narrow minded. I hope that this person gets a hard lesson in life on what its like to be judged for what you look like and not who you are.

  13. what a sick person! how can she be jealous. she is in dire need of some psychology.was she really a close friend? and jealous all the time? just plain mad!

  14. I haven’t stopped thinking about what happened to you since I read this yesterday. I don’t think your “friend” has a clue of the degree she has hurt you and everyone with a child with achon. How could someone so close to Leah feel that way? I don’t think she has a heart, it is the only way I can explain it. I really feel troubled by it, and can’t imagine how you must feel!!! On the positive side, at least you saw her true colours, and luckily she is not in your and Leah’s life anymore. What an awful person!

  15. omg, this person is so sick…with friends like this person you don’t need enemys..my god this is awfull.
    even if i do not know you,i came to the blog by surfing the i.net
    i am a mom off 3 from the netherlands and i have a lot of respect for you and your family …
    gr. patricia

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