Just the right height

A while back … well make that about 6 months before Leah was born we did a renovation to our bathroom. We completely guttered the place!!! And I mean we even went a far as ripping out the ceilings!!!!

At that stage of my pregnancy we were not a aware of the “Little person” that was to enter our lives…. we just knew that it was going to be a “new little person” that would grow up as fast as the other 2 “little persons” we already had… but as we all know it was a “little one” who would be little for a long while :-).

The most amazing part of this renovation is… The toilet that was delivered was the wrong height it was far to low and they installed it without us being there so once it was in it was to late to replace with a higher seat (which was our original order) and the clip that holds the hand shower attachment was placed in the wrong position and we could not alter that fitting because that meant we would be left with a hole in the wall!!!!!!!!!!!!

So there was a few thing that did not go according to plan…. Or so we thought!!!! A perfect little shower and just the right height toilet for when Leah is older… and seen as Leah is going to have to live and adapt to a world created for average height people we don’t mind living with a toilet that is slightly to low and a shower handle that’s out of position…  we love and would not change a thing about Leah…. And the same goes for our bathroom.Sometimes things just happen for a reason unknown to us at that specific time 🙂

that feels just about right!!

that feels just about right!!

My own shower

My own shower

having fun in the water

having fun in the water

4 thoughts on “Just the right height

  1. What a great thing for Leah to have. I love seeing the shower head at her height. That will definitely make her feel very independent as she gets older!

  2. What adorable pictures!!! It’s so great that things worked out for you – sometimes it’s amazing how that happens. If I didn’t know better, I’d think somebody had a plan for Leah! Hehe…

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