A visit at the Bougard’s…..

This past weekend was a very for me and my family as we finally got to meet Heather and Richard and of course little Danielle Bougard.. we spent the afternoon together enjoying lunch and chatting about about life in general, Simone and Nicole really enjoyed the swimming pool and spent most of their time in the water… while Leah and Danielle decided to laze in the summer shade and enjoyed the best seat in the house (Moms lap for those that need a little more info)

Danielle is just beautiful and it was so special to finally get to hold her. She is such a happy ,peaceful little soul and we are so happy to have met Richard and Heather who are just two awesome people doing and amazing job of raising a really special little girl.

Its amazing how God puts a plan together….. and im sure this visit was  the start of something good. So before I go on… and… on…( as I usualy get carried away with excitement) here are some pictures of our visit with the Bougard family…. and the pictures were all taken by Danielle’s dad Richard…. who captured some really amazing memories on film

6 thoughts on “A visit at the Bougard’s…..

  1. How fantastic!!! You got some really great photos to remember this awesome get together! So happy for you! Hugs ~ Melissa and Sonya

  2. It looks like you had a FANTASTIC time with Danielle and her family! She and Leah are too cute together in the pictures! So happy that you were able to get together with another LP family.
    ~Jaime and Caty

  3. How fun! The blogging/Facebook community is great, but it’s even better to meet people in person and to make that connection. The pictures are great, and it looks like you guys had a blast. Leah is as adorable as always!

  4. I’m so happy that you guys finally got to meet! It looks like everyone had a fantastic time! Great photos – Leah and Danielle are so cute together!

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