Weighing things up

Leah got hold of a very  “old” scale the other day and I managed to capture a few shots of her during her very own weight watching session, now I’m not quite sure why she reacted this way????? maybe she has seen someone she knows  (I wonder who that could be??) actually have this very reaction during a “scale moment”  and on that note I say no more 🙂

Okay im on the scale and feeling fantastic!!!!

Ooooh im not so sure maybe i should weigh my diaper first! I’m sure that’s were the problem could be.

Okay im not impressed!!! mom said those cookies were fat free!!!!

Maybe  i should through a tantrum, sometimes that works to make thing better

Oh what the heck!!!! Its almost Christmas…..  Someone give me another cookie while i use my new seat!!!!

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