The Art of Sibling Rivalry

I decided to repost a golden oldie from 2008…. its 2011 and we still at it!!!

It is common amongst the human species to nurture more than one young little human, common numbers of little ones in the family seem to drift around 2-3 in total (there are sometimes more!!!) sometimes the spacing gap between the birth of these little humans never seem to go as planed because like in the wild, there comes a time when the little humans don’t seem to get along….. they become irritated with each other, they act out in various ways …… as is the case of the Kay household….. so todays on Sibling Geographic we will observe the little sibling learning the art of attack and scream…… we will see that size is no issue when it comes to wanting your way or just wanting to tease the living daylights out of your older sister just because you can….

In this image we observe the older and younger sibling playing together in what seems to be a peaceful play station event…


The younger sibling soon realized that the older sibling did not connect her control to the game console, she now feels cheated and is clearly upset as we can see in the image below… this frustration is displayed by an event known as screaming.


In this next image, we can clearly see that the young sibling is devising a plan of action to avenge not being “plugged into the game”


The older sibling feels the need to firmly tell the younger sibling to “go away”….. but this is not to be…


“The attack”


This coordinated attack took place while the younger siblings back was turned, little smacks to the head and hair pulling was used to display the younger siblings dissatisfaction.


At this point the Mother of the young put down the camera and separated the rivalry, and negotiated a “Plug In” The satisfaction of the negotiations are clearly evident below


Please note that no siblings were hurt during the confrontation and life carried on as usual in the Kay household

9 thoughts on “The Art of Sibling Rivalry

  1. LOL!!! Love it!! This sibling rivalry happens way too often in the Swartley household too! I think I may have to do a documentry as well! Haha!

  2. When I first began to read this, I thought “Oh, oh, sibling rivalry because of Leah’s disposition.” Then, as I read further, my smile just got wider and wider. Leah’s sister has very early on, learned that Leah is gonna be no mean match for her:-) Power to Dah Lickle People!!!!!! I’ll be very interested in an update on their relationship now that they are both older BUT now that the hight gap is widening:-)

  3. Hilarious…loved your commentary. I have to agree size is not an issue in with my girls either. My little Sheri is always ready to attack if she feels that her rights are violated.

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